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Review: Makeup Brushes by Lauren Luke

Posted Jan 28 2012 12:00am
Panacea81 aka Lauren Luke is no stranger to the YouTube Beauty scene and I'm very proud of her accomplishments over the years. Not too long ago, she released a line of makeup brushes that she has personally designed. Best of all, the brushes have very pocket-friendly prices!

Even though there weren't many reviews out there for these brushes, I was inclined to try them out anyway. I ordered the Flat Eye Shadow Brush, Pencil Brush and the unique-looking Foundation Brush.

After using them for awhile, I must say that I'm quite pleased!

First things first, allow me to squeal over the pink metal ferule! Isn't it too pretty? I've come across pink-handled brushes and found them tacky but having the ferule in a brassy pink is girly but classy at the same time. The brand name, "Lauren Luke", on the glossy black handle is also pink :) The Pencil Brush comes with a clear tube cover to keep the bristles in place though I wonder why the rest of brushes don't have them.

Flat Eye Shadow Brush

This brush appears to be a lookalike of the MAC239 brush meant for shading. Initially, I didn't think much of this brush because the bristles weren't very dense but I was wrong. It picked up good amounts of eyeshadow and packs them on with minimal fallout. The tapered tip is also great for softening harsh edges. The bristles are made out of soft goat hair.

Only £4 for this handy brush. That's about RM20! Bargain!

Foundation Brush 

The one brush that I had my eye on was the uniquely-shaped foundation brush. It's a cylinder with a tapered tip? Or dome-shaped, as described on the website. The densely-packed synthetic bristles are so so so soft that I kept petting it as if it was my kitty's paw. I used it with liquid and also cream foundation, which the brush blended so beautifully. The shape and the size is narrow enough on the tip to sweep across tight areas such as under the eyes and side of the nose. Yet, it's not too small so buffing in the foundation doesn't take forever. Because the bristles are dense enough, there was very little streaks during application.

£6 (~RM29) makes this a winning buy!

Pencil Brush 

Right after I ordered this brush, I was surprised with the MAC219 as gift from a friend (You know who you are! *hugs*). Naturally, I had to do a comparison. MAC219 is a wee bit fatter with bristles that are more dense. In terms of performance, it won't be fair for me to say that they perform the same. When it comes to applying color, they work very similarly but buffing-wise, the MAC219 did better. The handle of the MAC one is also longer. I use both brushes interchangeably to apply eyeshadow on the outer-V or on the lower lashline.

At £3.25 (~RM16), you can't beat the price.

Not only did Lauren made these awesome brushes affordable, she also made them accessible. International registered shipping is only £5.99 and took around 2 weeks to arrive from the UK. These brushes along with a variety of five more and a set can be ordered through the Lauren Luke Shop .
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