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Review: Esmeria Desert Oasis Face Rejuvenator Serum

Posted Jan 04 2010 12:00am
Ever wondered how a cactus can withstand the unforgiving heat of the desert? Well, it mostly has to do with the physical structure of the plant… Don’t really see how that translates to skin care. Hmmm… Experiments show that cactus juice promotes healing and circulation while preventing scar formation and inflammation. That’s something to think about, I suppose.

In relevance, this post reviews the Esmeria Desert Oasis Face Rejuvenator Serum that I’ve been using for the past two months and am quite fond of. At least more so than a few other similar face serums that I’ve been testing out...

Quite surprising that the underdog brand had won me over! You know you wanna read on…

Some extra information...

Esmeria is a home-grown Malaysian skin care brand that strives to create natural bio active skincare that do not contain harmful ingredients. The products come from the same manufacturer who produces Buds baby skin care products, which I believe are more popular.

"This formula is our version of the elixir of youth. It is super hydrating, rejuvenating and protects from environmental damage. The unrivalled combination of exotic ingredients harvested from extremely harsh environments includes micro-algae from the Great Salt Lake (DUNALIELLA SALINA), desert cactus (OPUNTIA STREPACANTHA) and Kalahari watermelon (CITRULLUS LANATUS FRUIT). These ingredients are chosen for their unique ability to survive and thrive, despite cruel conditions. Together the desert ingredients provide deep hydration, DNA protection and decreases hypersensitivity. The Great Salt Lake micro-algae energizes the skin and boosts cell turnover making it more luminous while ASCORBYL GLYCOSIDE, an incredibly potent form of vitamin C, is used for its superior age defense properties and ability to give skin even tone."

The amber-colored gel feels emollient as it is spread onto the skin, covering more than enough "grounds" with only one pump. Absorbing readily, the serum feels lightweight while giving skin a soft and supple texture. Even though the instruction recommends to use the serum for both day and night, I only use it at night before my moisturizer. For daytime I have a different set of skin care.

I love what I see the next morning -- well-hydrated and almost milky skin. I suppose the proper term would be "luminous". The serum works well to help maintain the elasticity of my skin as well as improving its texture.

Was there a miracle? Unfortunately, no. Nevertheless, there's really nothing bad at all about the serum. It does mostly what it says it does but without extremity. Consequently, I see no reason to discontinue using this product until I find something that works better. Plus, it's working better than similar and more expensive serums that I've tried in the past year.

Oh, there is one thing that I didn't like. The opaque packaging makes it difficult to see how much more product there's left and the top portion cannot be opened.

Retails at RM109 (if I'm not mistaken) for 30ml at selected Just Life and Caring Pharmacy. Esmeria products are generally hard to come by so the best time to get them is when they're on sale at selected expos such as the LongLife Health Fair.

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