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Review: eco-armour Shaving Foam

Posted Jan 19 2011 8:00am

If  you’re anything like me, shaving is one of those beauty rituals (chores) that most of the time (every time) you wish you could skip…it’s just not that enjoyable (and doesn’t make much sense) to drag a sharp object across your skin in pursuit of smoother, softer skin.   It is, however, kind of a necessity if you plan on wearing anything shorter than ankle length…or if you’re not in THAT stage of the relationship, when if your someone special runs their hands across your legs and encounters a bit of stubble you’re not embarrassed and they don’t immediately remember that the have an early deadline tomorrow and have to head home to get some sleep (I thought you worked for the government, they have Sunday deadlines…go figure).  Nothing ruins a perfect, romantic Sunday morning faster than stretching seductively in bed and in the process revealing a not so sexy patch of underarm fuzz…and you even woke up with glowing skin, not so bad morning breath and sexy bed head…in which country is it again that women don’t tend to shave their armpits? 

One of the few things I loved about  Minnesota winters was not having to shave as often, to me that alone was worth the below zero temps, but this winter I moved to warm, sunny Florida.  I was excited by the prospect of taking a break from the cold and snow and thermal underwear (yup you actually do need them sometimes.)   While Florida has been exceptionally good to me there has been one teeny drawback…if I want to wear all those cute dresses (that I would store until summer in MN) year round, shaving on a regular basis would be required…also I’m not in THAT stage of the relationship as yet, so stubble is not cute!  Hence, any product that can make shaving seem like less of a chore is cause for excitement…enter eco-armour Shaving Foam .

This shaving foam promised that it would eliminate nicks and cuts, ingrown hairs, razor burns, red bumps and dull blades, plus the packaging is really cute and it is an eco-friendly product.  The ingredients in the foam are all natural and organic and are all derived from renewable resources, which means it has very little impact on the environment.  Needless to say I was actually looking forward to shaving on a Friday night.

However, I am sad to say my excitement level began to plummet after the first swipe of the razor.  While the foam smelled amazing (I used the laflora foam , I  have the pommango as well which also has a delicious scent ), after my first application it seemed to vanish after about five seconds on my skin.  Well, in order for it to “work it’s magic,” it is recommended that you apply one layer and let it sit for a minute then apply another (to your skin and razor) before you begin shaving. This is a bit time consuming unless you are taking a bath and don’t mind laying there and waiting for the foam to “work it’s magic.” I then applied a second layer of foam, but it also evaporated after a few seconds on my skin, so I kept re-applying and went through almost half the bottle.  After the shave my skin actually felt a bit drier than normal.  So I would not say I experienced/noticed an immediate improvement from using this product instead of my regular shaving foam.  I do think that it’s great that you can apply the foam to your razor head after shaving to extend the life of the blade.  Also, while I did not notice an immediate improvement, two days later I did notice that I had fewer razor bumps than normal.

While I can’t say that this shaving foam made me dread shaving any less, I do think that perhaps after a few weeks of using it I might notice less ingrown hair and red bumps.  However, as it stands right now, this foam requires more work than I would like to incorporate into my shaving routine.  So until I decide to move back to MN or start laser removal treatments, I will continue to scour the earth…or nearby drugstores in search of that shaving foam/gel/cream that might inspire a hum instead of grumble at the prospect of shaving.


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