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Review: Crabtree & Evelyn’s Skin Conditioning Body Wash and Body Lotion

Posted Mar 30 2009 3:14pm

Guest post by Morgan Siler:

I have a new morning routine:

I get up before either my son or my man stirs and walk out into the den with Yoga mat, sports bra and ipod in hand.

I do 20 minutes of Sun Salutations and concentrate only on my breath and the feeling that I am truly a goddess or a rock star…or both.

I put off mentally listing the day’s “To-Do’s” until I am in the shower and can think with clarity as I sud up.

I owe this refreshing new sense of mental clarity in part to yoga and in part to Crabtree & Evelyn’s line of Aromatherapy Distillations.

Since aromatheraphy is known to enhance well-being, I knew it would be a great thing to incorporate into my daily routine.

I’ve been using their Skin Conditioning Body Wash and Body Lotion for a couple of weeks now and love knowing I’m nourishing my body with 100% pure essential oils. It also makes me quite happy to know there are no parabens, synthetic fragrance, colorants or sulfates. If you are normally a “fruity” body wash or body lotion gal, this scent may not be what you would normally pick out, but give it a chance…

The scent they have created is revitalizing without being over-bearing. It is an essential oil blend of lemon and coriander with spearmint, ylang ylang, star anise and oakmoss. I love coriander. I’ve never tried it in a beauty product before, but I think I’m going to start looking for it.

I use the lotion twice a day on my legs and they feel super well-moisturized and never greasy, not even when I first put it on. The coconut oil and tiari flower are known to restore suppleness and I can attest to my skin’s texture feeling soft and firm. Both the body wash and lotion are made with high quality ingredients and smell sophisticated and fresh.

I just saw here that Crabree and Evelyn are doing a special introductory offer where you can get both 8.5 oz of body wash and lotion for $25 (normally it would be $37)– a pretty great deal.

Who knows, maybe the revitalizing aromatherapy will inspire you to adopt a whole new wellness routine and you’ll find yourself up before the crows in downward facing dog. If so, know I am somewhere out there with you, doing the same.

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