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Review: Clarisonic Skin Care System (Men’s Grooming Version)

Posted Jun 22 2009 11:11am

20090622-clarisonic-skin-care-system-for-men With the continued growth of the men’s grooming market – some people place it at billions of dollars, and it continues to grow (as seen in this report ), it just made sense to have a guy’s perspective on A Girl’s Gotta Spa. And, why? Because women want us well-groomed, to smell nice and look nice. And, well, we’re not all that swift (well, I am).

So, as Shannon is a friend and I’m a total product whore, I thought who better to write it than me? But, I also thought “wait, I ain’t gonna do this in my real name” so I’m doing it in a pseudonym: Zeke Samuels. Yes, there is some thought behind the name. No, I won’t share it.

What’s first for the A Guy’s Gotta Spa section? Clarisonic. I had been eyeing the Clarisonic product for the past few months, and finally took the plunge after a friend kept harassing me about it.

I love this device. While it’s not a travel product, I don’t care – I go everywhere with it and use with my wide range of soap. And, I use it also as a shaver – and I have a terrible beard.

Why do I love it so much? It deep cleans my skin. With its sonic technology and stuff, the revolving head does its little spin on my face with my chosen soap. I take it into the shower, lay it down in my shower caddy (one drawback – where’s the little hole and string on the end, so I can hang it in my shower?), and charge it up once a week. The whole routine is like 30 seconds, I do the little circular wash like it says to in the instructions, and wash my face and neck.

And, it’s had an effect – my skin is clearer, women have told me the pores are smaller, and overall I look better. But, what’s better for me is that they also recommend that you use the Clarisonic as a shaving brush – and I have. I bought a higher end shaving cream, and have begun using the Clarisonic as a shaving brush. As I have a thick beard – and ingrown hairs – I hate shaving. And, while I still hate shaving, Clarisonic has made it a MUCH better process. I have a much closer shave, and while I still only shave every other day (I tell my bosses it’s per my dermatologist, which is true … 20 years ago), the shave is a lot closer than with other shaving balms and processes that I did prior.

That’s part of why I travel with the Clarisonic – the plus for the shower face wash, but it was the shaving that pushed me over the edge. I just won’t shave without the Clarisonic shaving set-up.  It’s just that good.

Overall, if you’re looking for a product to buy your guy – or you’re a guy looking for a great product – you can’t do better than the Clarisonic. It’s a must-have for a man or woman.

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