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Review: ArganMagic Restorative Hair Mask.

Posted Jan 25 2011 8:00am

Soft, shiny, silky hair…another one of those beauty ambitions that we never tire of pursuing relentlessly.  I can attest that I’ve oftentimes went to great lengths in the pursuit of healthy looking and feeling hair.  Along with trying many mainstream deep conditioning treatments, I’ve also experimented with a few homemade remedies suggested by family members, friends and fashion magazines.

I’ve coated my head in mayonnaise and ended up smelling like a sandwich for days after, I’ve tried the “egg white” treatment and swore there was a hard boiled egg  following me around, I’ve soaked my head with coconut oil, olive oil and mashed avocadoes (try explaining oil coated doorknobs to your roomates.)  While some of these recipes/treatments actually gave me soft, silky and shiny hair at times, the side effects were just not worth it.  I wanted attention for the condition of my hair…not because I was in a roomful of hungry people and my hair smelled like their next meal. So when I opened the jar of   ArganMagic Restorative Hair Mask , I thought that even if it did not work at least I would have great smelling hair. 

Argan oil seems to be the miracle ingredient du jour lately.  It’s in everything from makeup to skincare to hair products, so there has to be something to it, right?  I’m always a bit suspicious when something is touted as the “new miracle ingredient” because that means something else was just the new miracle ingredient and it obviously could not have been that miraculous if there is already something better, but I’ve already tried everything but the kitchen sink and at least with this one I won’t end up smelling like the kitchen sink.

After shampooing with my regular shampoo, I applied the Restorative Hair Mask.  The directions suggest leaving it in for 5-10 minutes, but I had absolutely nothing to do that night so I left it in my hair for a couple of hours (I just recently had my hair colored and thought some extra loving would definitely not hurt.)  As I was rinsing out the mask I could already feel how soft my hair had become, there was also very minimal tangles.  Still, I knew the true test would be how my hair performed during and after blow drying. I have naturally very curly, highly textured hair  and if I want smooth hair, a  hot tool (flat iron, curling iron, etc.) is usually required.  I was AMAZED at how my hair looked and felt instantly, if I wanted to wear it curly I could have just left it as it was without additional products…it was that hydrated.  As I was blow drying, my round brush glided through my hair without getting stuck on knots, but the best was yet to come. 

After I was finished blow drying my hair I was astounded at how shiny and frizz free it looked and how silky it felt.  I actually did not need to flat iron afterwards to make it smoother, it was already very smooth.  The dryness that had occured as a result of coloring my hair was gone.  I kept running around the house tossing my hair, saying “Because you’re worth it“…wrong brand I know, but I just felt so good about my hair.  I know that the result I experienced could have been due to the fact that I left the mask in my hair for a much longer time than recommended, but I’ve done this (sometimes for a much longer period of time) with other deep conditioning treatments and have not experienced the same results.

I don’t exactly know what it is about Argan oil that makes it such a miracle ingredient, but miracle ingredient it most definitely is.  With just one use this mask greatly improved the condition of my hair.  Because my hair is so highly textured and goes through a lot with blow drying and heat styling, I am definitely going to use this as my regular conditioner as well as deep conditioning treatment (I’ll just increase or decrease the length of time.)  I am very excited to have found a deep conditioning treatment that not only works great, but also smells great, miracle hair without the Miracle Whip!

Find it at CVS and .


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