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Responding to Comments

Posted Dec 18 2007 12:00am

So I've made the unfortunate discovery that I can't blog at work :( I can read other blogs (but images never show up) and I can read blogs and other websites through Google Reader, but commenting or posting anything gets blocked. I really really hate the firewalls they enforce - I spend half my day trying to figure out ways around it...if they let people go where they wanted to, I bet you people would be more productive!

Anyways, I wanted to respond to a few comments since I can only blog after work, and very rarely when I get to use the computer...

Nilla Cookie - thanks for the toner suggestion, I may try it out after I use the Neutrogena stuff!

Anna - I tried the Telescopic mascara over the weekend and holy WOW - it adds some serious length to my lashes, and very little clumping! (and an eyelash comb took care of any clumps I saw) I plan on writing a full review, along with other mascaras I've been trying (still need to try Voluminous) later on.

Lani - aloha, and thanks for stopping by!

Christiana - if I can get around to stop hitting the snooze button in the morning and take time to put on my makeup before work, I'll try out the Voluminous mascara and let you know which one I prefer :)

I've been on the search for a buffer brush for my minerals...I've been using the kabuki brush and the effect is alright, but not quite right. It doesn't help that I've been applying my makeup half blind for the past month, since I've been restricted to wear my glasses until my eyes heal...evil evil contacts. Getting ready in the morning is quite a sight. If anyone has any suggestions or favorites, please feel free to leave a comment :) I'll probably wait until after Christmas to get anything though, since I'll be spending most of my money on the remainder of gifts that I have to I have to see if anyone got me a giftcard to Sephora or MAC :)

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