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Regaining a Stunning Silhouette

Posted Jan 23 2012 10:36am



The self-proclaimed Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas, Nevada is widely known for its nightlife centered on the Vegas strip of casinos, resorts, restaurants, and shows.  However, the largest city in the state of Nevada is becoming an increasingly popular choice of hometown for retirees and even young families.  No matter what your reasons for choosing Las Vegas as home, you are sure to be surrounded by beauty both in the landscape and the people.  This can create feelings of dissatisfaction with appearance and body shape, especially if you have sagging breasts from age or pregnancy.  Plastic surgeons offer procedures like the breast lift Las Vegas women desire for a renewed silhouette.  Las Vegas breast augmentation can also be performed during a breast lift.


The standard plastic surgeons perform is a fairly simple, outpatient procedure that raises sagging breasts and corrects the size and placement of the nipple-areola area.  This procedure is still surgery and requires anesthetics.  Before having a breast lift, the risks and reasonable expectations should be discussed thoroughly with the physician performing the surgery.  Pain or discomfort after a breast lift is most often alleviated using oral pain medication.  Many women choose experienced plastic surgeons in Las Vegas breast augmentation and reduction procedures as well.


It is quite common to combine Las Vegas breast implants or reduction with the breast lift Las Vegas women use to correct sagging silhouettes.  This prevents the need for two surgeries and two recovery times.  Sometimes slight sagging can be corrected by augmentation alone.  However, with more severe drooping, a breast lift will be necessary.  It is wise to fully discuss your options with a qualified and skilled plastic surgeon.  Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience and a great reputation will help you feel confident in the advice and guidance of your surgeon.


The standard incision locations for the breast lift Las Vegas plastic surgeons perform are around the areola and in the crease under the breast.  These placements are deemed best for hiding the incision lines and are used for breast augmentation procedures as well.  According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast augmentation is the number one requested plastic surgery in the United States, but breast lifts and breast reductions are also extremely common.  There are very highly skilled plastic surgeons and excellent medical facilities in Las Vegas for women who are seeking these procedures.

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