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Redken Shine-Form Defining Wax for Men

Posted Dec 28 2010 3:33am

redken-shine-form-wax Ari Strum writes:

I am not a rock star. That statement should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, and frankly, it’s really not something that needs clarifying. To be honest, I’m okay with that. Sure, like most, I’ve had delusions of grandeur, written some songs, strummed my guitar, and even gotten up on a few stages, but let’s be real–I don’t have the hair for it anymore. Once upon a time, maybe, but not anymore. This does bring up an interesting question though: what really makes rock star hair?

Of course, there is the modern day rock star with the $1200 hair cut, followed by hordes of people whose sole purpose in life is to primp and preen and fuss over every little strand–but real rock star hair, from days of yore, is long, flowing and, most importantly, dirty. Yup, I said it: greasy, oily, and matted down, dirty. Truth be told, all those natural oils can actually be good for our hair, and lots of professionals say that shampooing daily can actually strip away the nutrients our hair needs… that’s what I’ve heard anyway.

For those of us, however, who like to keep a clean head, we’ve been given a wide range of pomades, pastes, putties, waxes, gels and cremes. Many of these products can nearly replicate that same weight and texture that avoiding your daily/weekly regiment of upkeep can afford you. What I’m advocating here is to use a product like Redken Shine-Form Defining Wax for Men . It’s a lightweight, refreshing product with no flake or stiffness to it, which gives you a natural look and feel, and best of all, smells really good.

At times I do whish I did have my long hair back, just so I could slather it in Defining Wax, to play the rocker, without smelling like one. If you are a longhaired guy, or girl, I’d be interested to know how this works-out for you. Take a shower, get all clean, wash, rinse, repeat, and when you get out, with your hair damp, not wet, but damp, rub a couple of good helpings of the Redken Shine-Form Defining Wax into your hands, and generously coat that mane of yours. And for any lovely ladies in the LA area unclear on how to execute, let me know, and I’d be happy to assist in the application. Rock on.

For now, keep it clean,
Ari Sturm

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