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Red Lipstick 101

Posted Oct 04 2008 12:00am

The Georgia Bulldogs aren't playing football today, but you can bet that I'm still going to wear red to represent my team! RED LIPSTICK that is.

I know red lipstick is intimidating for most- we can't all have that Gwen Stefani confidence- but we can emulate her look. You just have to find the right shade for your skin type. Here are some brief tips on finding your perfect shade and how to apply it.

Finding the right Hue for You: Basic rules for each skin type- Fair skin, go for a blue based red to give pale skin a little boost. Medium skin, try orangey/gold reds. Dark skin, can wear any blue or goldish red as long as it's a bright enough red to show up. But beware of going too gold.

Applying that Color without Screwing it up:
1. Just like I've harped on exfoliating your face to give your makeup a clean canvas to work on, do the same for your lips. Brush your lips with a dry toothbrush or washcloth and a little waxy lip balm.
2. Apply an anti-feathering lip treatment all over your mouth extending just slightly out side your natural lip line. We all know how red lipstick can cut and run creating that "Kool-Aid" mouth:-)
3. This might be bucking the original way of thinking, but I believe a more modern way of wearing red is to NOT line your lips. Just apply your perfect red lightly so it looks more like a stain.
4. Blot your lipstick with a Kleenex and add one more layer. And if you're going to wear red, keep it with you throughout the day because it WILL need a touch up!
5. Lastly- if you're going to wear red lipstick, please keep the rest of your makeup minimal so you don't look like you're about to go on a Broadway stage.

Red lipstick can give you a polished look, but that doesn't mean you have to reserve it for a big night out- make a statement in the daytime and wear it casually- it can be a great accessory!

AND Even though my Georgia Bulldogs aren't playing this weekend, I'll still be representing by wearing my red lipstick with pride!!!

OH! and here are two red lipsticks that can work for almost anyone- Revlon's "Cherry Desirable" and Dior Rouge "Red Premiere".

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