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Red itchy rash for years, leaves and comes back.

Posted by Episode911

I have had this rash on my left side, near my lower rib off and on for over 4 years.
This rash comes and goes in the same area, is red and itches like crazy when its active.
While not active it makes my skin in that area a tad bit darker (Tan if you will) and does not itch.
I have 3 kids and my wife in the house and have no known alergies, no one else here has contracted this, What could it be?

BTW: not sure if it matters, i also for the past 7 years have had lumps under my skin in several diffrent areas of my body.  I have had more pop up over the years and have been told by my Dr. that they are benine.

 FYI: I have, over the past several years been drinking energy drinks. I would average 3 to 4 a week, mostly the Monster brand.

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