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Reconstructive Male Nose Surgery

Posted Sep 04 2010 12:32am

Reconstructive male nose surgery is by no means a simple cosmetic procedure. Nasal contouring for men is distinctly different from that of women. It demands great skill and experience on behalf of the performing plastic surgeon to bring about the perfect masculine structure to the nose.


Reconstructive Male Nose Surgery for a More Attractive Nose


Men generally pay more importance to the shape, rather than the size of their nose. As such having a long, wide, bulbous nose or even a deviated septum which gives a crooked appearance to the nose can be quite frustrating. Fortunately this is not something which one is forced to live with for the rest of his life. Reconstructive male nose surgery can correct all such flaws.


There may be many reasons which would necessitate a nose surgery or rhinoplasty. Some of which are natural deformity, injury or even feminine appearance of the nose. In all nasal procedures, the plastic surgeon takes into account the bone density and structure of the nose as much of the result depends on these two aspects.


Corrective versus Aesthetic Nose Surgery


A corrective procedure is all about rectifying the minor or major flaws of the nose which may be causing impediments to the patient, whereas an aesthetic procedure focuses on providing a natural and at the same time, the best possible look for the nose. The fast paced advancements made in medical science have introduced safer surgical methods along with improved and superior technology. Unlike before, it is now possible to enhance the profile of the nose by way of augmentation. There may be slight irritation for a few days which can be well tolerated with medication but nothing amounting to intense pain or discomfort.


Reconstructive male nose surgery is a very delicate procedure and an experienced plastic surgeon can ensure the best aesthetic outcome. A reconstructed nose improves your good looks and can considerably boost your self confidence and esteem.
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