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Recent Hauls (Benefit, MAC, and Shu Uemura)

Posted Nov 19 2009 10:01pm
I bought quite a few things last week *sigh*. :X I just couldn't refuse with these sales/special deals... hehe~

The first thing I bought was from Sephora. I didn't know they have a monthly special called Surprise Steals Sweet Steals. Basically, every month they sell different products for $10. It's a surprise because you don't know what it will be each month... hehe~ It's a steal because it's only $10 when in reality it's more than $10. What a deal!!!... wheee~ The only bad problem about this is that it's only in-store. You cannot find this online unfortunately. :( You have to check your Sephora store every month to see what they have to offer. It's always located at the cashier so you don't need to go far... hehe~ ;)
I finally got something from my wishlist (I took it off my wishlist since it's fulfilled)... wheee~ I've been wanting to try the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner. What a great deal getting two for the price of $10! Each one cost $19 normally and getting them for this price. I just have to say run to your nearest Sephora... hehe~ ;)
The first color is in Recess. My first initial reaction is it looks like MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre. I just swatched the colors on my hand and they are different. Recess is a more shimmery cream color, whereas, Soft Ochre is matte yellowish color.
The second color is in Honey Bunny. I also has an initial reaction comparing it to MAC Paint Pot in Painterly. I think Honey Bunny is more on the light pink, whereas, Painterly is more neutral.

The second haul was from the CCO. I bought two things I've been wanting for a long, long, long time!!!
I am really into MAC Paint Pots, and have been wanting in Soft Ochre for months. When I saw this at the CCO, I freaked out. I think the lady next to me thought I was crazy because she gave me a dirty look... lol~ :X
I was about to cash in my products when I saw this laying around at the cashier. I freaked out and asked the sales lady if it's Petticoat. She nodded and without thinking, I bought it... wheee~

My last haul is from the Lancome store (don't remember the exact name) at the outlet... lol~ They sell Lancome products, perfumes, and Shu Uemura.
While looking around, I saw the Shu Uemura eyelash curler. Oh mi gosh I couldn't refuse!!! I've been wanting to try this curler for a year now. I had to get it even though it's the last year collection. The best part it only cost me $12!!!... wheee~ What a great deal! :)

EDIT: It's called Sweet Steals not Surprise Steals. I'm such a fool mixing them up *embarrassed*... lol~ :X
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