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Really Realistic Manicure with Revlon's Artificial Nail Line

Posted Mar 30 2009 12:00am

Let's face it - your hands and fingernails show a certain amount of personal upkeep! I admit that by being a busy mother of two rowdy little boys and having my hands in water, dirt, and who knows what else, my manicures don't always look the best. I also am not one who can very easily take the time to go to a salon and pay a bunch of money for a manicure or acrylic nails.

"I need something close to home."

So what's a girl to do when she wants to keep her nails looking fresh and perfect without having to make a trip to the local nail salon??

Revlon's newest line of artificial nails! Yes- I said artificial as in "glue-on" nails. Ok - before you judge, I too was skeptical about this product because I've never been a fake nail girl, except for a few times back in high school when it was the cool thing to do. However, recently I grew tired of my fingernails always looking so messy and unkempt. It was time to try something new.

Check out my before and after pics of my hands with and without the nails and you'll see how natural these "fakies" look! I have on the Audrey Style (#91023) in the French Manicure, short length. It's quite amazing how good and realistic they look!!

Before Revlon's Realistic Manicure

After Revlon's Realistic Manicure

Here are the plus's to trying Revlon's Nails:

  1. The kit only costs around $7.00 - not too shabby. And that includes not only the nails, but a small file for buffing down your natural nails, plenty of strong glue for setting them, and a manicure stick for cleaning up excess.
  2. Each kit contains 24-36 nails in 12 different sizes. So there's plenty of nails to make sure your fingers find the perfect fit - or plenty of leftovers if you mess up!
  3. They come in different lengths - short and medium. I definitely preferred the short since I'm not used to wearing fake nails anyway. It took me a day to get used to them and for me to be able to function with them on! But if you are an acrylic nail girl, and want to try the switch to these, it should be a seamless transition.
  4. The natural shape that these nails come in is fantastic; believe it or not, there's no need to shape or file them once applied.
  5. They are tough, they don't chip, and you don't have to paint them! Unlike my natural fingernails (and surely yours) that can chip and split constantly. Not to mention that they take forever to dry once painted.

*JennySue Tip* - which I learned after putting them on for the first time:

  • Start by putting them on the hand you don't write with first.
  • Yes, this is the more difficult hand to start with, but once the nails are on, it makes it a bit tougher to apply the other set.
  • You will want your dominant hand available to deal with the new nails.
  • Also note, the glue is tough and dries fast.
  • While this is great for keeping the nails put- beware of stuff sticking to your fingers, or even your own fingers sticking together!!

Now that I have these Revlon nails on, I realize how wonderful and put together it feels to have pretty hands in a jiffy that didn't require me spending hours at a salon. Oh, and that can withstand the major jobs of mommy, referee, coach, teacher, and makeup artist!

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