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Ramble: Happy Halloween, I am stressed, my friend Jordan is awesome, and a product line you must try

Posted Oct 31 2011 11:16pm

Happy Halloween from Hipster Dorothy and the Fortune-Teller! (Why did I go as Hipster Dorothy? I was too lazy to buy red heels and decided to wear Converse sneakers instead.)

Hey guys! It’s been a blah week (or couple of weeks, really) on this end. You know those times when you’re up to your eyeballs in stress because you’re being pulled in about 75 different directions, and everybody thinks their project should be the most important (“No, my project!” “No, mine!”), and the end result is that you get totally overwhelmed and want to just bury under the covers and not emerge until January?

Yeah. That’s Jolieland right now.

Felicity Jones at the LA premiere of "Like Crazy" (WireImage/John Shearer)

Unfortunately, during times like these, something’s gotta give, and the sad answer the past week has been to essentially put the blog (not to mention Twitter, obviously) on hiatus. No likey!

But because I miss you guys and it feels weird going too long without talking to you–but also because my brain is fried and I can’t think about composing proper posts right now–I decided that I’m going to do Ramble posts during this time. It’s certainly not Blogging 101, but at least it’ll mean fresh content!

So, first up: I got my computer back! It’s been 7 weeks since it broke and in the interim I’ve been borrowing friends’ computers and going to the boyfriend’s. Losing my computer felt a little like having an appendage missing. It also threw off my writing schedule like nobody’s business, so I’m jazzed to have it back. Tomorrow begins National Novel Writing Month and I’ve resolved to start and finish a new project that I conceived over the weekend, so wish me luck. If you want to join me in attempting to write a novel in a month, sign up here !

Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam and the new show "Jordan in the House"

I saw the movie Like Crazy this weekend. (Spoiler to follow!) It was beyond depressing, with a very Lady and the Tiger ending (I, having apparently turned into a dark pessimist, chose to believe that everything does not turn up roses for the young couple), but the lead actress Felicity Jones is incredibly gorgeous and appealing. I think you’ll be seeing her everywhere very soon.

In other news, I found out today that my friend Jordan Reid –who just had a baby last week!!–is going to be the host of a new YouTube show on the Meredith channel , one of only 7 they’re producing. How freaking awesome is that? (Follow the link for a super glam photo of Jordan and more information about the new YouTube channels, which you’ll be hearing a lot more about in the media.)

And in product news, I’m currently obsessed with the line I Love…Cosmetics , which is very Philosophy-esque and features the most appealing, mouth-watering, delicious hand lotions, body butters, shower smoothies and lip balms. The packaging is cute and the scents are literally good enough to eat. I’m currently using the I Love…Blueberry & Smoothing Super Soft Hand Lotion and I Love…Coconut & Cream Exfoliating Shower Smoothing. Seriously scrrrrumptious. Check ‘em out!

I Love Cosmetics

I Love...Blueberry & Smoothie

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