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Quck Reviews: 6 Products from elf Cosmetics and then some...

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
I've been accumulating all the e.l.f. Cosmetics products that I've gotten over the months. In this post, I'll briefly go over 6 products from the regular $1 elf line and the $3 Studio line. When it comes to such cheap cosmetic products, there will be hits and misses but the hits definitely prove that great products need not break the bank. As for the misses, they don't hurt. Recently, elf has really stepped up to the plate by coming out with many new and promising products such as their UDPP-comparableMineral Eyeshadow Primer and latest releases of Studio Single Eyeshadows and Blushers among others -- all of which I hope to order soon. The featured products for today's reviews are:
  • elf Studio Golden Bronzer
  • elf Concealer Brush
  • elf Studio Small Smudge Brush
  • elf Nail Polish in Champagne
  • elf Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame in Medium
  • elf Slant Tweezer
Read on for reviews and swatches

I got the elf Studio Golden Bronzer in hope to replace my favorite elf Healthy Glow Powder in Luminance, which I use as an all over finishing glow powder. The problem I had with the Healthy Glow was that the powder was too loosely pressed into the pan and mine actually broke and became loose powder. The Golden Bronzer has 4 shades in a single pan -- last swatch to the right is the combined colors. I was very pleased that the powder didn't fly all over when I swirl my brush in the pan. In fact, in the picture above, I've actually swirled my brush a couple of times before and you can still see the "elf" imprint. As an all over powder, it failed to replace Luminance because of the shimmer overload. The effect you will get is as if you have many layers of powder on your face and you'll be glittering instead of glowing. The individual colors are quite pigmented so they can easily work as eyeshadows or you can use them as highlighters. I quite like the Rose shade to sweep over peachy pink blush.

My intention of getting the elf Concealer Brush was just to see if it'll work as a gel eyeliner brush. Well, it does but you shouldn't expect a precise line. Overall, the brush has very good quality synthetic fibers and it's soft yet it gives resilience. This brush is suitable for applying and blending cream eyeshadows even if it's not so great as an eyeliner brush.

I guess I should just stick to the elf Studio Small Smudge Brush to use with my gel eyeliners. I'm absolutely in love with this brush. Small, firm, flat, tapered -- everything I could ask for in an eyeliner brush. Since it's synthetic, the fibers don't fray quickly either. I definitely need a few more of these.

Nail polishes have never really caught my interest but recently I feel compelled to apply nail polish so that my funky nails will look less "ungroomed". Granted, I'm horrible at applying nail polish. Nevertheless, the elf Nail Polish in Champagne is one nail polish that I find myself using very often. Firstly, the fleshy pink color is very natural so it's pretty much foolproof. It's also relatively easy to apply as in I am less likely to get streaks. The staying power is reasonable even when I don't use a top coat. Downside would be that the nail polish takes awhile to dry and it turned my nails yellow. Thus, I'd suggest using a base coat first. I look forward to getting more colors of these.

You've probably seen me using this in my recent eyebrow tutorial. The elf Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame basically helps to give eyebrows a tint while keeping them in place. It's a decent product which gets the job done. However, it's not the best (ie. RMK Eyebrow Mascara ) with its bulky brush and slightly chalky formula. As for the Treat side, I'm not that bothered with it. I haven't used it often enough to know if it works.

I've had tweezers that are better and cheaper than the elf Slant Tweezer. It is so heavy and chunky that I feel my finger muscles cramping before I can get to the third piece of brow hair. The tip isn't flat and precise enough to pluck out short/fine hair. This belongs in the kitchen to pluck out remainders of chicken feathers.

I didn't want to review these since I hate them so much but I'd just like to warn ya'll in case you're thinking of getting the Super Glossy Lip Shine or Luscious Liquid Lipstick. They're both hardly pigmented and ultra STICKY. The glitters look mighty cheap and so is the scent. You may be paying only $1 for the click pen and you'll actually only get like half a tube of product by the time you manage to click out the first bit of lipstick. Poor quality and not worth even $1.
NOTE: The colors I got were Goddess and Caramel Candy. There could be a possibility that different colors have different quality

elf Cosmetics are not available for retail locally in Malaysia however you can go through spreers who can help order these products from the website. As always, I recommend sgdrugstore from
The regular $1 line usually sells for RM6 and the $3 Studio line would go for RM15. Prices may change according to shipping and currency exchange rates.

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