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Product Review: Wild Heaven Farm Goat Milk Soap

Posted Jan 17 2008 12:00am

It's been snowing heavily in DC since 10 this morning...the tree outside my office is covered with fluffy white snow, and it's really sticking to the roads now. It's supposed to continue through the rest of the afternoon and turn into rain this evening...too bad offices don't call snow days like school systems =T

I don't have access to my Nikon and haven't edited any photos yet, so I have yet to write up the posts I mentioned yesterday, but I decided to write a review about another soapmaker that I've discovered and love - Wild Heaven Farm Goat Milk Soap.

About the soap (from the website): This is an actual goat farm in Central Virginia, and all of their soap is made on the premises with fresh goat milk. They're handmade soaps, and do not contain any animal bi-products (aside from the goat's milk), artificial colors preservatives, or bases. Using goat's milk in soap alters the pH level to maintain healthy skin, and it contains amino acids and alpha hydroxy acids to help your skin retain the right amount of moisture. In addition to goat's milk, they use palm oil, coconut oil, and olive oil. They carry numerous soaps, in addition to skincare products and products for babies.

My Experience: From my review of Union Street soaps, you know my requirements. I was actually introduced to this soap long before Union Street - and this was another product I got from my BF. He picked up a bar of their Honey and Oatmeal soap at the Ellwood Thompson store in Richmond. I tried it out and liked it immediately. The scent smells exactly as it should - like oatmeal, with a sweet touch of honey. There was a cute added touch of using a beehive mold for the soap as well :) I had no problems lathering up, and it felt great on my skin - nothing irritating about it, even when I used my poof to scrub my arms and legs. After my shower my skin felt moisturized - more than it used to with a glycerin bar I had been using. I think the only downside was that it didn't last as long as I hoped it would - about 2-3 weeks of frequent use, but the bar feels softer in consistency compared to commercial soap bars. After my BF and I had used up the Honey and Oatmeal bar, I grew to like their soap even more when I tried the Mint in the Morning bar. I tried this when the weather was starting to warm up, and it made showering in the morning a nicer experience. The soap is minty fresh - it really helps you wake up in the morning, and I need all the help I can get when my alarm clock starts making noise! Great lather, and the smell of mint fills your bathroom and puts you in a good mood all while being kind to your skin.

I actually like this soap so much that I ordered bars for everyone on my Christmas list so they could try it out as well! Their Spring From Our Farm bar is very floral, and Sexy Peach smells like a basket of fresh peaches. I have yet to try their Chai Tea, which is sitting on my shelf with a few other soaps. One recipient mentioned that they liked the Castille Soap, which is (I think) the only unscented soap in their product list, and they enjoyed using that bar.

Availability: These soaps are available locally through Virginia Craft Shows and select stores like Ellwood Thompson's. You can also purchase them directly from the seller through their website. All the bars are available in Full Size ($4) and Small Size ($2); the full size can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks, while the small size lasts about 1-2 (or longer, if solely used as a handsoap). You can probably help them last longer by keeping them out of the shower after each use, to properly dry.

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