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Product Review: Union Street Soaps III

Posted May 25 2008 12:00am

Previous reviews can be found here:
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Union Street Soaps are available locally in the DC/MD/VA area, and you can also purchase them via Paypal through their website at If for some reason you are unable to get them directly from Union Street Soap, let me know - I would be more than happy to send the soap to you if you cover the cost of the soap(s) and shipping!

I realized that I never reviewed the Pink Grapefruit bar when I initially bought it in April. What can I say that I haven't said in my previous reviews? The quality of the soaps hasn't changed - love the generous amount of lather, love the way it feels when I use it (my skin feels clean, but not stripped of moisture afterwards), and it smells delicious - like a sweet, juicy grapefruit (duh) :) The red/pink coloring transfers onto washcloths, similar to the Cider Mill bar, but it's nothing to worry about - it certainly won't stop me from buying another bar.

Tea Leaf is a new bar this year, using essential oils from green tea and actual tea leaves mixed into the bar. The addition of the tea leaves makes it a nice exfoliating bar - although I use a poof/loofah/net sponge/whatever you want to call them - so I don't get to experience much of the exfoliating quality. The scent is very strong, and it lingers on my skin long after my shower - it's quite relaxing. Right now I'm more partial to citrus scents, but I could see myself adding Tea Leaf to my collection.

Lime & Lemon is another new bar, and I am in luuuuurve with it. The BF and I just sniffed it at the table and immediately decided that we had to buy it. It's got more of the lime scent than lemon, so if you're looking for a lemon-scented bar, you may want to go for their Cedarwood Lemon Scrub bar (I've sniffed it but have not tried it....yet...). Lime & Lemon is a great choice for a summer soap - all the usual qualities of USS bars with the lather and moisturizing oils, and I seriously dare you NOT to eat the bar after you smell it. Yes, it really does smell THAT good. If I didn't already have 5 different bars of soap in my shower, I'd be using this one daily right now.

Tangerine is another new bar to the collection, but I wasn't able to buy it with my previous haul. I plan on picking one up the next time I get some soap, along with another Lime & Lemon bar since I had to split that one with my BF, haha. I also want to try the Mint Melange bar and see how it compares to the mint goat's milk soap that I was using before discovering USS.

My name is Diana, and I am addicted to Union Street Soaps. There. I said it.

All photos are from the Union Street Soaps website.

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