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Product Review: Ponds Cold Cream

Posted Jul 11 2010 5:00pm
Those who know my mom would say that she's high-maintenance and that she rarely, if not never, uses anything that is cheap. And when I say cheap, it means the price is not as expensive as La Mer, Obagi or Shu Uemura that she loves to use. Yep, my mom's beauty arsenal is freakin' expensive and she swears by them. I can say that the products have been working great for her since most people would say that she looks A LOT younger than her age.

But there's one thing that remained in her makeup closet all these years...and I am surprised to see her use it up to this day.

yep, the PONDS cold cream. I am sure that most of your moms out there used it or might still be using it. My mom loves it and she said she'll never trade it with the cleansing oils we have today.

So what is so special about this cream that even my vain and lover-of-all-things-expensive mom would never trade it with those famous cleansing oils we have today?

PONDS COLD CREAM is a rich, deep cleanser that:

Deep Cleans - special deep cleansing ingredients effortlessly take out deep-seated dirt and makeup, even stubborn mascara
Keeps skin soft - its natural moisturizers keep skin soft and supple, leaving your skin radiantly blooming

I never really liked it before. I find it too oily and i know my already oil-slick face would refuse more oil. But there was this one night when I had to stay with my mom and my sister who are staying in a hotel, it was unplanned so I didn't have my toiletries, makeup and even clothes. I was wearing heavy makeup that time and I asked mom if she brought any makeup remover. She told me she brought her cold cream and then she went yakking bout how good it is, as she'd been trying to make me use it eversince I started using makeup.

Left with no choice and since I am not used to washing my face with soap and water directly, I used her cold cream. Honestly, I can feel my face revolting as I massage the cream on my face. It was like it was screaming "OMG, more oil...more oil!!!!" But to my surprise, my waterproof liner and mascara melted with the cream like butter. After wiping it with some facial tissue, I found that it totally removed my waterproof makeup...even faster than my usual makeup remover.

so yeah, I am now Ponds Cold cream user. I still use my cleansing oil at times but this is what I reach out for most of the time.

yours truly with full makeup on (waterproof mascara included)

Apply pea sized amounts on your cheeks, chin, nose and forehead

massage cream onto face to melt makeup

wipe off with tissue

waterproof eyeliner and mascara?

say buh-bye to makeup!

what i love:
  • it's cheap, but it works! a 100-ml tub costs less than Php 200 (let me get back with the exact price)
  • it totally gets rid of my waterproof makeup with no tugging, faster than my cleansing oils
  • no allergic reactions. my face abhor oily stuff, but this one aint's creamy!
  • moisturizing. i've used some cleansing stuff that left me with that stretchy feel after
  • leaves me with clean, radiant, supple skin after cleansing
  • unlike my cleansing oil, this doesn't blur my eyes

what i don't:
  • the scent. it's not that strong but I just hate using stuff that smells
  • packaging may be cute, but it can be unhygienic. it's prone to double-dipping. probably they can have this in a pump-bottle?

so yeah, now I am loving Ponds cold cream. I bring a small tub during makeup gigs and whenever my clients would want to remove their makeup after, most of them would reach for this instead of my cleansing oils. indeed, this is one beauty secret that has been passed through generations. i wouldn't mind recommending this to my daughter/s when that time comes. besides, even Kylie Minogue swears by it.

  • to avoid double dipping, you can use a spatula or a cotton bud to scoop out some cream from the tub
  • if you won't be washing your face right after using this and you hate the slightly-oily feel, you can use wet wipes after the facial tissue
  • massage the cream slowly onto your face, and see the makeup melt right before your eyes. the massaging is also good for blood circulation
  • if you're wearing waterproof eyemakeup, put a bit on your eyelids and massage gently. be gentle in wiping it off with a tissue, you don't need to tug anyway since the makeup already melted with the cream
would i repurchase?
let's just say, I'll make sure I won't run out of this. :)

so again, this is me realizing that some "really" good stuff need not to be expensive. and the most important is that MOTHERS STILL KNOW BEST!

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