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Product Review: Meow Cosmetics Primer

Posted May 28 2008 12:00am

Vanessa has already posted a good review of this primer, but I wanted to add my 2 cents as well. Meow Cosmetics is an online mineral makeup boutique that specializes in mineral foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, and more. They do not use preservatives, silica, parabens or bismuth in their products as well.

When I saw Vanessa's review of their Premier Puss Primer Powder, I was incredibly curious to see if it would help with my oily skin issue. I am cursed/blessed with an extremely oily T-zone. If I were to go sans makeup (say, using only moisturizer and maybe some loose powder at most) my forehead and nose would become shiny and slick in a matter of a few hours. I say that I'm cursed with this because everyone wants a smooth, matte, flawless face - perhaps a healthy glow, but nothing along the lines of what my natural skin would reveal through the course of a day. I'm also blessed with oily skin because (as my mother has reassured me countless times) this means that I will age well - the excess sebum prevents skin from drying out, and wrinkles are less prominent. My mom's skin looks good for her age - she definitely looks younger than she is. I'm nearly 30(!) and I still think that I look like I could be in high school.

Premiere Puss Primer for Oily Skin

Price: $12.95 + s/h, sample bags are $1

Availability: online at

Packaging: standard mineral jar with a sifter. There is a protection sticker on the sifter, to avoid spilling any powder in transit, as well as letting you know that the product has not been opened. I'm pretty sure there was a seal on the outside as well.

Ingredients: Kaolin clay, silk powder, boron nitride

Directions: Use prior to applying foundation/powder to create a smooth canvas and extend the wearability of your foundation.

Application/Wear: All I need is 2-3 taps from the jar for enough powder to cover my t-zone. You just want enough to apply a thin layer of powder over your face, otherwise you might end up looking chalky/ashy. I tap the powder into my swirling bowl, swirl my brush to pick up the powder, and buff it onto my forehead and nose. I found that it was too drying on my cheeks and chin, since those areas of my face are somewhat normal and/or sometimes sensitive to products. After applying the primer powder, I continue with my makeup application (foundation, finishing powder, blush, etc.). I will admit that I use this powder in conjunction with another face primer (currently Philosophy On A Clear Day Protection Cream); I use Philosophy first, and then buff the Meow Primer onto my forehead and nose before applying any other makeup. This seems to be my perfect combo, because my makeup looks almost as good at the end of the day as it did in the morning!

Most days my makeup would melt off or disappear through the course of the day - without primers, with primers (like Philosophy, Clinique, Camellia Rose, Smashbox), and I would look fairly pale/blotchy by the end of the day. With Meow Primer (and Philosophy) my makeup looks pretty good after 8-10 hours post-application!

(Possibly TMI, but if I can't be honest here, where can I do it?) Living in DC, it gets really humid and muggy in the spring/summer - which is exactly what's going on right now. The combination of the weather and my oily skin make wearing makeup a nightmare; more often than not I'd feel like I'd have to reapply my entire face just after commuting to work in the morning, because it felt like my makeup would just melt off my face. I'll admit this as well - I get sweaty. My hairline perspires a lot in the summer. It's a real pain because no matter what clothing I wear - pants, skirts, sleeves/no sleeves - I will perspire at some point while walking to the Metro, standing on the hot-as-hell platform to wait for a train/running down the escalators to catch my train on the platform, and walking from the Metro to my air-conditioned office. My hairline inevitably beads up, and my makeup goes with it. There have only been a few warm days so far, but I've had to wear a suit on quite a few of those days, and despite a little sweat, my makeup stays intact.

Pros: The Meow Primer creates a nice canvas for makeup application - since it's not a liquid primer, you don't have to wait for the product to dry/soak into your skin before applying mineral foundation. My t-zone is less noticeable through the course of the day, and my foundation definitely seems to last longer as a result of adding this to my makeup routine. They definitely give you your money's worth - you get about 4g of powder in the jar. Don't let the added sifter fool you - after I removed the protective sticker, the powder was packed TIGHT - I had quite a time trying to loosen some from the package to actually use it!

Cons: I can't think of any! I'm definitely glad that I purchased this primer, and I'll continue to use it and see how it fares with the REAL DC summer days. I'll provide an update to this review if anything changes.

Overall: I've only been using the Meow Primer for a week or so, but I am happy with the overall results. My makeup application goes on smoother, and seems to last longer throughout the day. The oil that would normally surface on my forehead and nose doesn't show up as quickly as it used to, so I don't have to use blotting papers or apply any powder to my face during the day.

*Note: I also ordered foundation samples from Meow Cosmetics, and I'm currently testing a few different shades/formulas, so I'll be writing up a review soon!

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