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Product Comparison: Wet N Wild vs. Maybelline Eyeliner

Posted Mar 15 2010 10:12pm

A little while ago my jar of L'Oreal HIP eyeliner gave up the ghost, so I asked around for an affordable gel liner to save myself a few bucks before giving in to MAC's Blacktrack. Truthfully I could probably revive the HIP liner by scraping off part of the top, but I wanted to try something different.

Enter Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner and Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner
Both drugstore gel eyeliners toting long-lasting, dramatic effects! Both liners in black, since that was the liner I needed to replace.

The short breakdown - Wet N Wild wins on price point, costing only $4 compared to Maybelline's $10 price tag, but it's only available in 2 shades, versus Maybelline's 4 shades.

Both eyeliners come with miniature brushes to use as lining brushes - after swiping them on my hands for this test, I tossed the Wet N Wild brush. Like the HIP brush, this one was far too stiff and harsh to use on my eyelid. The Maybelline brush is pointed rather than slanted like the Wet N Wild brush, but the bristles are soft enough to use on your lids. The bristles are strong enough to hold the liner and place it where you want it to go, but you don't have to apply a lot of pressure, and you don't feel it dragging across your lid.

Both eyeliners are deep black. The Wet N Wild jar looks like it's completely full, but part of the jar is just lined with black (instead of actual product). I do like the shape they used for this little jar, with the rounded bottom.

Another comparison shot of the jars - the opening of the Maybelline jar is smaller, which could help prevent it from drying out. The Wet N Wild jar is a bit taller/wider, but as seen in the chart above, there's not that much difference in the amount that you're getting.

Ingredients - Maybelline's on top, Wet N Wild's on the bottom

And the comparison...
I tried to apply both products with the same amount of pressure, though I did use the brush that was packaged with each item. The Wet N Wild looks like it has a lot more pigmentation than the Maybelline liner!

After running my hand under some running water for about 10 seconds, I swiped both eyeliners with a Q-tip to see if any smudging would occur. As you can see in the middle photo, the Wet N Wild liner hasn't budged at all, while the Maybelline liner shows some signs of smudging.

Lastly I swiped both liners with a Q-tip soaked with makeup remover (Mandom Cleansing Express), and the Maybelline liner started to disappear, while the Wet N Wild liner was still holding strong.

Final Thoughts: If you're looking for an inexpensive, long-lasting gel eyeliner, you should look for Wet N Wild's Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner! For $4 it goes on with intense color and lasting power! I've used both liners on my eyes with and without primer/eyeshadow to continue testing, and though I wasn't able to take photos (I used them on workdays and didn't have time to photograph the finished looks), the Wet N Wild liner still won at the end of the day. Even with an oil cleanser to take off my makeup, I had to spend a few extra seconds rubbing the oil around my eyes to completely remove the eyeliner.

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