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Prima Balayage in Knightsbridge

Posted Mar 02 2011 9:30am

“I can’t understand why Balayage hasn’t become de rigueur in the UK, as it has in the States. After working in top salons all over the US for the last decade, I came back here to find some shocking sights on the streets of London!” says Jack Howard SRH, manager of Equus Salon in Knightsbridge as I settle into his chair .

The poster girls for this highlighting technique have to be Gisele and Sarah Jessica Parker. The look is similar to the soft highlights one gets as a child by the end of the long summer break…rather than the strange tramlines of block colour one sees stamped along some people’s crowns.

Three months ago my hair was in the depth of winter dullness and everything I had read about this technique pointed me towards Jack Howard as the man to see. This ‘freestyle’ technique takes a good eye and some serious skill because the stylist has to rely on their understanding of the way sun blushes the hair naturally. Jack did this extremely well, and I suspect could do so blindfolded now. At £130 for a half head this technique costs £5 more than the regular highlights at Equus and takes a little less time. But the best side effect of Balayage is that even after three months my hair looks completely natural as the highlight fades gradually into the roots. There’s no going back now, I’m now a balayaddict. (I’ve taken some pics but can’t for the life of me find the USB lead for my camera. I’ll add these later when I do, bloody connector leads grrr wish all the brands would agree to have a universal format for these things!)

I was also gratified to see that Equus use Acca Kappa Hair Brushes on all their customers, it’s unusual to find salons using hand made artisan products abd good to see these tools survive the constant demands of a professional salon. alexia inge

Half a head of Balayage costs £130, a full head is £190 at Equus Salon, 176 Brompton Rd, London SW3 1HQ

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