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Prepare your skin for Waxing

Posted Oct 23 2010 11:30am
Waxing might seem like one of the easiest ways of getting rid with the body and definitely more safer than using hair removal creams or shaving or any other hair removal methods except for laser. But, laser is out of budget for most of the people. But, waxing can be extremely painful for many people with sensitive skin. Some can not resist pain and some are highly sensitive to the hot wax. And, many of you might be susceptible to boils and red patches which appear after the procedure. While I would definitely recommend waxing over other techniques, you should never forget that you are literally peeling one or two layers of your skin even if you are getting it done by the best of the professionals. And, in case you land up with amateurs, there is no saying that there would be bleeding or not. So, when you are exposing your most sensitive skin out, you can definitely expect your skin to react in various ways and boils and irritation is just mild of the symptoms. Though you can never get rid of these problems, you can at least strive to reduce them by following a proper before and after skin care.

Before Waxing
  • Always make your appointment two weeks after your periods. Skin is less sensitive then.
  • Before you go for waxing, always make sure that your skin is not injured or burned in any way. If you have allergies, cuts, open wounds, sunburns or warts , get a treatment before going for waxing.  Waxing can aggravate the situation otherwise.
  • Skip exfoliation, saunas and steam baths on the day prior to waxing. 
  • Do not drink coffee on the day before or on day of waxing as caffeine makes you sensitive to pain. Avoid tea also as it also contains caffeine even though it is less.
  • Take bath immediately before waxing. This would help in removing the oils on your skin and any grease or dirt which might cause hindrance while waxing. 
  • Do not apply and moisturizer or sunscreen or even deodorants.
  • In case you are going for professional service, wash your hands and other parts of the body where you intend to get waxing done with water once more. This ensures easy removal of the hair and so an area does not need to be waxed more than once or twice.
  • If you are sensitive to pain,  pop a pain killer 20 minutes before waxing. It will ease the pain. 
  • During Waxing
  • Make sure of the wax temperature. If it is too uncomfortable for you no matter the temperature, tell the girl attending you. Do not let her do what she wants.
  • If the girl attending you is too rude or does not listen to you, complain at once. Trust me it is lot better than enduring pain and not going back to your favorite salon. It happened with me.
  • Do not let the girl attending you keep on waxing your skin two to three times at the same place unnecessarily. Sometimes best of the salons have such people. That makes your skin sore and painful in the extreme especially at sensitive places.
  • Do look around for hygiene. Better carry your clothes instead of changing into ones provided by the salons. Salon hygiene is very important to look for before you become a regular there.
  • After Waxing
  • Now that you have endured all the pain, you would feel a lot of itching after waxing. Do not itch your skin. I know it is uncontrollable but it made big red boils on my skin and then left ugly scars. Itching also causes a lot of ingrown hairs which in turn irritate the skin. So, do not itch at any cost. 
  • If you are at home, immediately go and place a cold water shower head on the areas waxed. That will soothe you well and relives the itch. 
  • Still feeling like itching, run a soothing hand over the area instead of clawing your fingers into the skin. Endure for a moment and it will be fine in the next.
  • Then, take a leaf of aloe vera and scoop out all the gel. Apply it on your skin but do not massage.
  • Do not use very hot water for bathing. Warm water will keep your skin in better condition.
  • Avoid exfoliation for a week after your waxing. Your skin does not need exfoliation as it has been stripped off a layer of skin literally.
  • Moisturize your skin well as long as your skin feels sore.
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