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Plastic surgery can save a life

Posted Apr 01 2010 10:51pm
Beverly Hills breast augmentation A lot of patients who have undergone plastic surgery are extremely upset about all the attention that is given to cosmetic surgery alone and none is given to that of plastic surgery which can save a persons life. Most people have this notion that plastic surgery is for the old desperate woman trying to stay young when in fact Beverly hills plastic surgeons share that their patients are mostly the young beautiful and wealthy. Most of these young and beautiful people come from families who are well off and plastic surgery is no stranger in their family. In Beverly Hills breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure it comes very highly recommended to most. Breast augmentation surgery gets all they hype. For most when plastic surgery is mentioned breast augmentation is the first thought that comes to mind that or in these recent months Heidi Montag.


Surgeons and plastic surgery patients both agree that instead of highlighting only cosmetic surgeries that are done electively and for cosmetic reasons alone, as for example liposuction Beverly Hills inhabitants like those from all other areas should also highlight plastic surgery. Plastics surgery is different than cosmetic surgery because plastic surgery is used to fix the limbs face or any part of the body that has been disfigured due to a disease, accident or abnormality. Plastic surgery has contributed in great lengths to cancer and tumor patients.


Vanessa Bryant a mother of three was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in 1990, she thought she had beaten the tumor with rounds of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments but a few years later it was back. The cancer was so bad they had to remove most of her jaw and the floor of her mouth leaving her face severely disfigured. The emotional struggle was immense she no longer look the same the change was drastic and she could hardly walk down the street without everyone’s attention. She had faced the facts that she had cancer she faced that she was going to look different she just never thought it would be different to the point where she would have such a hard time looking at herself. A group of plastic surgeons were slowly able to give Vanessa a normal looking face jaw chin and all and she admits plastic surgery saved her life. In Beverly Hills Tummy tuck s also get plenty of attention being cosmetic and plastic. For some women getting rid of the stretch marks and loose hanging stomach is simply to have a nicer body for others this might be life changing because stretched out abdominal muscles can cause severe back problems. A tummy tuck will tighten the abdomen, skin, and muscles further fixing the problem of the over stretched muscles making a tummy tuck plastic surgery. Surgeons say tummy tucks are great in reversing attention back to plastic surgery, although in most areas including Beverly Hills Liposuction is done with a tummy tuck to achieve the best results in which case diverts the attention back to cosmetic surgery.


Plastic and cosmetic surgery was not created with specifics in mind. These surgeries are for all who can benefit from them and most that have become plastic surgeons did so because along the way some where they realized that this surgery would improve a person’s way of life and it has done so.

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