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Personalized Laptop Bag

Posted Oct 18 2010 10:00am
I was sent a Monogrammed Laptop Bag from Simply Bags to review on my blog.
Other than the laptop bag, they sent a catalog. By the way, please ignore the dark blob on the left of the bag. That's Tobey who wouldn't get out of the way... hehe~ :P
The catalog they sent has mostly throws. I went through the catalog and they have quite a few throws... hehe~
I really like the bottom left throws. It's such a cute drawing... hehe~
I also like the TinkerBell one. I know I'm too old for it, but I still enjoy cute things!... hehe~ :P

Now for the review of the bag...
Product Review: Stylish Laptop Bag

Where can you purchase this:
Price: $31.99

Description on the website: Dress up any outfit with our stylish chocolate and turquoise patent trimmed laptop bag. Inside wall has zipper pocket, pen and business card slot. Side to side zipper closure for ease in computer removal. Lengthy handles for underarm carry.

This fashionable laptop bag measures 16"w X 14"h four inch wide bottom. Overall height 22 inches. Recommended for laptops up to 16".
My thoughts: When I first received it, I wasn't to sure what to think of it. As time went on and I put my laptop, I fell in love!!!... hehe~
As you can see the front has my name on it. Yes, my name is Alyssa. :P Some people know my real name and some don't. Now you all know... hehe~ ;) My friend who was with me said it's so tacky that it has my name on it. I disagree and think it's cute! I've always like things with my name on it. Growing up, I hated my Korean name since people made fun of it and for that reason I was given an American name. I was proud of my American name and wanted things with my name on it. When I was younger, things wouldn't have my name on it and it was rare finding one spelled the way it is. Of course, it's different now since Alyssa is a common name... hehe~ Anyways,I'm not going deeper into my story. :P I think my name represent my identity and love that my identity is put on a bag. :) If you don't want your name on the bag, you can put anything I'm sure... hehe~ It is up to you guys! ;)

They really did a nice job on the stitching! I don't see any thread sticking out inside and out. It's a really well made job!!!
Here's a picture of the back.
The handle and zipper. The handle is very well made! It's thick enough not to break when you put something heavy like a laptop. It also doesn't hurt your shoulder when you carry the laptop.
The bottom is very stern! When you carry the bag with the laptop, the weight from the laptop doesn't bring down the bag. The blue, in the description it says turquoise but it looks blue to me, of the bag is made out of shiny plastic-type material. It's great knowing that water cannot sneak into the bag from the bottom. You don't want that happening and ruining your laptop... hehe~ ;) It also great to know you can put the bag on the dirty floor (probably don't want to, but most floors are dirty and we still do it), and know you can clean it afterwards with a wet cloth.

Now for the inside of the bag... hehe~
Here's how the inside of the back side of the bag looks like. It has a zipper pocket and small pockets. I ended up putting my mouse inside the blue pocket... hehe~
This is the only part of the bag I didn't like. They sewn the name on one of the pen/pencil pockets. I can't use the farthest right now... hehe~ I think they should have put the pen/pencil pockets more on the left of the bag.
Here's how the bag looks inside after I put in my laptop.

I'm going to end my thoughts with the stitching... hehe~
When it comes to stitching, I am very picky about it. I grew up with a mother who was a seamstress. She taught me how to look for well made stitch, as well as, teach me how to sew... hehe~ Yes, I know how to sew but haven't done it in ages. I should get back to it... hehe~ Just need to clean the things that are blocking the sewing machine in the garage. :/ Anyways, this bag is very well made and the stitches look professional!!! This is a sturdy bag and great for the laptop. I highly recommend it! :)

* Sturdy laptop bag.
* Very well stitched.
* The handles doesn't go deep into the skin of your shoulder.
* The bottom protects the bag from getting wet; doesn't ruin the laptop.
* You can use this for other things other than your laptop!

* Stitched the name on one of the pen/pencil pockets.
* Wish it had wider range in colors.
* Wish it had a lock.

Rating:  4.5/5 Tobey's Paws

Thank you Simply Bags for this laptop!!! :)

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this post was given to me to review on my blog. I am not affiliated with any company nor getting paid to advertise any products. This post is written with my honest opinion.
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