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Perfect makeup for your face shape

Posted May 06 2009 1:34pm

It is not enough to be aware of makeup trends to make your features valuable. Do you consider you face shape when you makeup?!

Sure, even if we do not have round faces, makeup rules do not change, the order of application remains the same, and each of us has to match some colors 9eyeshadows or lipstick). However, when a make-up artist gets to work, the first thing he caters for is you face shape. Thus, only by identifying your face shape and applying our advice, you can become your own make-up artist.

1. Oval face

Charlize Theron oval face In this case you can consider yourself lucky, because it comes from perfect symmetry. You can use any makeup you want: nudity, intense, contrast, smokey eyes, etc … of course taking into account the size of you eyes, lips or nose. Is important to use makeup that emphasizes the features, not hide them, or modify them. You know it’s mandatory to use two shades of foundation cream, a more open one, which you apply on the entire face, and a darker one, for temples and half lower cheeks, including chin to contour your face. To avoid the mask effect, take good care at overlapping the shades.

2. Round Face

Not only chubby women have full, round face, round face may seem smaller than other types, cheeks look bigger, and chin often is so rounded that may look like it s not there. If there are no dominant parts, between the eyes, nose and mouth, experts recommend framing the extremes, application of a brown powder or a foundation cream on cheeks and temples - from the middle to the ear. At the same time is very important to emphasize the face, lighting up the forehead and chin (between lower lip and chin), thus achieving an elongation effect. Remember that the area under the eyes should be lighted and avoid wearing smokey eyes makeup for because your eyes will look small.

3. Square shape

Minnie Driver square face Forehead is about the same length as the jaw line, which means that the framing of your face (with darker foundation) will be in the temples area and jaw area, and you should emphasis your chin, forehead and under eye area . Also, to distract attention from the square shape, very important is to emphasize your cheeks with blush. Thus you create a feeling of expansion of the cheeks, contributing to “ovalizing” your face.
To make it easier, create 3 imaginary lines that divide your face into 3 horizontally. You add shadows on the upper extremities and lower third, and the center should be the most luminous.

4. “Pear” figure

Wider in the jaw area and with narrow temples, this type of face needs a lighter forehead (the center to create the impression of wideness), a lighter chin and under-eye area. Cheeks should be outlined - starting with the right eye up to the jaw - with darker powder to imaginary reduces the area of the cheeks.

5. Heart shape face

The opposite of “pear” type, this kind of figure needs light in the forehead and chin, and extremities should be shaded with a darker blush. Of course, remember light under the eyes, because your mission is to draw attention to the center of your face. Also, it is recommended not to use dark colored lipsticks, because you will attract attention on lower half of your face and the contrast will make the chin look small.

Watch this video to see some examples - recommended makeup for your face shape

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