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Paint Those Paint Pots with Fluidline

Posted Aug 06 2008 12:00am
For those who did not make it to the Estee Sales, here's another innocently cruel reminder of what you have missed. *squeaks*

I managed to literally grab some MAC Fluidlines and Paint Pots which happen to be returned items. Future tip: If you get in late, hawk around the tables and you may just be lucky enough to get rejected products. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure. Jessie *I love you* found the Paints for me and in exactly the shade that I wanted.

Read on for reviews and swatches.

M.A.C. Fluidline

Gel eyeliner is my absolute favorite makeup product out of anything else. Since I didn't have much of a choice, I only got two Fluidlines in Non-Conformist and Uppity. I've tested a number of gel eyeliners in my days and hands down, Fluidline wins. The texture us very smooth and it is effortless to create a neat line. The liner color is just as in the jar and the vibrancy remains without any fading even after long hours. Fluidline's lasting power knocks out all the other opponents with 20 hours. I was utterly impressed.

Non-Conformist: Solid flat violet color. I absolutely love this shade. It subtly adds a hint of color to an overall look. Makes the eyes look brighter. Discontinued shade.

Uppity: Richly metallic frosty gold. Looks horribly as a liner due to its over-frostiness but good as an eyeshadow base. Discontinued shade.

Retails at RM62.

M.A.C. Paint and Paint Pot

Having gotten the Paints and the Paint Pots, I've come to a realization that I now have too many eyeshadow bases. Nevertheless, I shall find a way to utilize all of them.

Left with Paint. Right without.

The Paint I got is in Stilife which is a soft pale peach color with icy metallic shimmer giving it a satin-like finish. The cream texture is easy to blend and becomes dry to touch. This shade is great to bring some glimmer to flat matte eyeshadows. The ultimate reason to get this would be for its amazing performance as an eyeshadow base. Colors look more vibrant and do not budge even past the 12-hour mark (and longer, if you know what I mean). Having this, I don't think I need to use any other eyeshadow bases anymore. But then again, you know I have this undying habit of always wanting to try something different.

Left with Paint Pot. Right without.

The Paint Pots, which I was initially more excited about, didn't fair as well as the Paint when it came to preventing mid-day greasy crease lines. The texture feels more like a balm and blends well although not as smooth as the Paint. I'd use these as bases for eyeshadows to intensify colors but I'd still recommend using an additional base first. Yet again, not spoiled for choice, I got Paint Pots in Perky and Rollickin.

Perky: Cream coral with white pearl satin finish. Base for pinks and oranges. Can be used as a blush.

Rollickin: Aqua blue green with white pearl. Discontinued product from the 2008 FAFI Collection.

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