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On the hunt for sexy-but-(semi)-comfy heels

Posted Sep 06 2010 10:10pm

My beloved metallic gold Jack Rogers Navajos

I’ve been a flats-wearer my entire life: even back in college, when my compatriots were imitating Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw by sporting 3-inch do-me heels, I stuck with metallic gold Jack Rogers Navajos and Chanel Cambon black and tan ballet slippers.

It’s primarily comfort that drives me into the arms of practical-but-chic shoes, but there are also vestiges of “Hell, no, I won’t voluntarily hobble myself in some misguided attempt to look ‘hot’!” feminism. High heels give me back pain, irritate a latent case of plantar fasciitis, and just plain ol’ piss me off.

There’s no denying that sky-high heels look hot, though. Sigh.

So, now that I’m slowly tip-toeing my way into the skinny jean waters, I’ve found that my regular heels (an old pair of Jimmy Choo pumps that have seen way better days) are not cutting it, and I’m currently on the lookout for a hot pair of, yes, do-me pumps. As long as I’m not traipsing all over town and have cabs or cars to shuttle me around, 2 heel hours a week in the name of fashion won’t kill me, right?  (Right?!)

Nordstrom Off-the-Rack BP heels

I went to Nordstrom in Los Angeles recently, desperately searching for a pair of chic heels that didn’t cost a million dollars (my hopeful cut-off was $100), looked decently well-made, and didn’t immediately cause blisters. Surprisingly, the pickings were slim. (The shoe salesman I encountered was also less than helpful, alas, finally bringing me a pair of ugly granny pumps and saying with a more than a hint of sarcasm, “These are the most comfortable shoes we have,” before walking away.)

Aldo Botkins pump

A week later, however, I found a killer pair of black open-toe BP heels at Nordstrom Off-The-Rack, which were about 97 inches higher than anything I’m used to wearing, but which I deemed birthday-dress appropriate. (Bonus: I had a gift card, so they were free!)

This week, meanwhile, I’ve been spotting cute platform pumps right and left. US Weekly’s current issue features several celebrities sporting the Fawson style, but when I went to their website, it appeared to have been discontinued. I found a similar style called the Botkins  for $90, which I think is equally cute, and a great deal.  Another nice pair I spotted in an Elle ad: Miss Sixty Sakura Platforms , for $110.

As you know, fashion is really not my thing, so the fact that I’m preoccupied by this is good? Bad? Utterly bizarre? In any case, I’m heading to New York in a few days for fashion week and want a pair of good heels, stat! 

Stay tuned…

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