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OBX Adventures

Posted Sep 29 2010 12:00am
Helloooooo! How are you guys? Today's my Monday, being my first day back at work after a trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina...and I can just say that today really does feel like a typical Monday for me.

I really love going to the Outer Banks...I went with MG and his parents for a week, renting a house on the Sound side (i.e., house rentals not on the beach, but still viewing the calmer Sound, inland) and we brought our cats - Minos with MG and I, and his parents brought their Siamese cats Amelie and Koko. It took them a day or two to get used to the new surroundings, and each other, but Minos really had a lot of fun running around and chasing Koko, and stealing all of Amelie's cat toys.

We tried to see if Minos could behave on a harness and a leash outside, but the water/sand/noises freaked him out and he kept wanting to crawl under things to hide.

those are MG's legs, not mine, lol

I'd wake to see sparkling water and a warm sun every morning...

...and end each day with a fiery sunset disappearing into the horizon

we spent a few afternoons on the beach - the water level rose nearly to the dunes when we first got there, as a result of the hurricanes in the Atlantic, but towards the end of the week the water level receded.

I was walking along the beach when I noticed something tiny poking out of the sand that seemed to crawl deeper...after a wave hit the sand, I noticed more of them poke out of the sand - only to crawl back before the water lapped against the shore again. Baby clams! Dozens and dozens of clam beds along the shore...

We took a little drive to see the Hatteras lighthouse - there are several lighthouses along the Outer Banks, each with a different design. The Bodie Island lighthouse is further north and has horizontal stripes; the Cape Lookout lighthouse is further south and has a diamond pattern. I didn't climb the steps (equivalent to walking up 12 stories) because my knee had been bothering time though!

Afterwards we went a little further south to another museum, and there was an exhibit still in the process of being assembled but it was open to the public. Lots of artifacts donated from families and organizations, restored as best as possible for the museum. I had to snap a photo of this old Singer sewing machine for my crafty ladies WorshipBlues/Old Cow and Yume :)

My last day there, we were cooking dinner while the sun was starting to set, and I noticed a peculiar thing...a hint of a rainbow in the clouds :)

It's only been a few days, but I can't wait to go back again! I took a few photos with some 35mm film, but I haven't been able to get them developed yet...if I have any good shots, would you want to see them here?
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