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Nutritional Supplements and Health {Health}

Posted Jul 12 2012 2:30pm
Horlicks and Complan at Perfect Skin Care for you
Last week, I had asked you a question if you liked to drink milk? And, from the comments, I realized that many of us love to add something extra to the milk, either to mask its own smell and taste or to get the extra dose of nutrients. I had already said that I love Complan, only the plain one though the memory boosters one is really good. In fact, I like to eat Complan just as it is or try pairing it with Threptin biscuits.

Threptin Biscuits
How many of you have had Threptin biscuits, put your hands up!! My hand is already up and as many of the people who have eaten these biscuits would agree, they taste absolutely nasty but, damn, if they are not power packed!! So, whenever I used to have this disgusting biscuits, I tried having them with my all time favorite Complan and yes, the pair tastes good :)

Have you had Cerelac? Ok, this question is solely for the adults and not you 1 year old babies :D We all had Cerelac when we were kids and infants but have you ever tasted it after you have started getting to know the tastes of things? It really tastes awesome and I do have a fetish to have cerelac though I have never bought it yet :D
Other Nutritional Supplements Apart from Complan, I have tried Proteinex and Horlicks. Both of them are good. I have heard good things about Woman Horlicks and Amway Nutralite but Amway is too expensive and my friend told me that it doesn't really taste good. But, Woman Horlicks, my mom recommended it to me.
I am right now taking Horlicks Gold which is also fine. The thing with Horlicks is that it always makes me feel full immediately and releases energy when compared to other drinks. And, I absolutely hate Bournvita and Boost, both of which taste like sugar factories and nothing else. Don't mistake me, I had Bournvita when I was younger but slowly grew out of that phase!! So, what about you? How do you like to take your milk? 

PS: Ahem...I have got a news. I have suddenly become important enough to be interviewed. Haha, just kidding. But, you can read my question and answers round with Stylecraze .

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