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New Zealand, Day 2: The Sun Came Out and I Decided New Zealand is the Prettiest Place, Ever

Posted Aug 12 2012 3:09am

Yesterday, people kept apologizing to me for the rain, as if they were personally embarrassed by it. It was if New Zealand was letting me down. Having nothing to compare it to, I assured everybody that New Zealand was spectacular and that I’d never seen a country so beautiful. I was telling the truth.

But then today dawned, the rain cleared, and the sun began to peek its shining little face through the clouds.

Oh, rainbow, were you ever a sight for sore eyes.

Once the clouds vanished and the sky shone blue, the landscape was transformed. If yesterday’s views were spectacular, today’s were sublime.

Commence a lot of boring photos of scenery.

(It didn’t occur to me to throw myself into the shot–for once. Me! Miss Narcissistic Hair Chronicler! Forgetting to take photos of myself! It’s that pretty!)

And here’s the lodge in all its full, sunny glory.

I spent the day at the spa, which you’ll be reading more about soon on a very special website near you. I’m going to TRY and keep up this trend of posting daily, even if it just means throwing up a photo or two before running out the door. You know what happens when I don’t stay on top of myself: suddenly it’s 4 months later and I’m all, “Hey! Remember when I told you about that thing at Christmas? So, now that we’re in August here’s the article.” Procrastination for the win!

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