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New skincare obsession: At-home lasers for clear skin

Posted Sep 12 2010 10:03pm

Zeno Heat Treat Laser I’m all about the at-home lasers right now: I brought the ANSR LED device with me to DC/New York and have been using it daily for the past two weeks. 

You might already know about LED (light emitting diode) devices, but if not, here’s a two-second primer: they work by producing light that your skin absorbs and which is converted into energy by your cells, setting off a chain reaction of scientific goodness resulting in a prettier, better behaved complexion.

Red light penetrates the skin deeply and helps to stimulate collagen; meanwhile, blue light kills bacteria and fights acne. Some devices, like the new Zeno Heat Treat , also use targeted heat to kill bacteria and help clear skin.

At last night’s Cocktails and Couture beauty blogger meetup at Ted Gibson Salon, the gift bags included a Zeno Heat Treat, which I’ve already used twice today (after also using the ANSR)–I’m addicted!

So far, so good.  My skin had been going through a rough spell in late August, probably brought on by too many late nights celebrating my birthday. I also ran out of my beloved Cor Silver Soap , which is antibacterial and helps keep the ol’ complexion smooth and zit-free. (Never fear, though–also received a new Cor in yesterday’s gift bag!) But after starting my ANSR regimen 2 weeks ago, my skin has been dramatically improved and looks much glowier after my twice-daily 10 minute sessions.

If you’ve been intrigued yourself by these devices, I recommend them enthusiastically. They’re more expensive than buying a little tube of Clean and Clear Persagel (my old standby), but the results justify the price.

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