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New Confidence with New Breasts with help of plastic surgeons in Tampa

Posted Jul 12 2012 6:20am

A woman can spend hours in the morning beautifying herself for the day, with flattering makeup,   volumized hair, and a classy outfit, but external treatments can only do so much for her confidence.  A woman truly feels beautiful if she possesses the ultimate sign of femininity: full and voluptuous breasts.  For ages, large breasts have been appealing to men and will always be something that every woman strives for.


An esteemed plastic surgeon Tampa  could provide for you the curvy and feminine figure that   you have always wanted.  Utilizing safe methods that has been considerably improved and perfected over the years, breast augmentations are now giving woman a natural full look, as opposed to the stiff, irregular shape breast implants gave women in earlier years.   Breast implants in Tampa  plastic surgery centers are FDA-approved so that the patients will receive the best and safest breast augmentation offered.

This cosmetic procedure will begin with an in-office consultation, where your plastic surgeon will perform a physical exam to assess your general health.  He will inquire about your medical history, any drug or medication allergies, as well as any prior surgeries you have had.  It is here that you can discuss what are your goals and expectations for this surgery.  You will be provided either silicone or saline-filled  breast implants in Tampa  in various sizes which you may insert into your bra to test out the weight and feel.  Most importantly, because the best procedures should produce natural results, your plastic surgeon will suggest the ideal implant size for you according to your height and body frame.  After the size has been determined, your doctor may instruct you to avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs that will increase bleeding during surgery.  Finally, your consultation is finished and you may schedule an appointment for your breast augmentation.


On the day of your procedure, you will be administered either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia.  Once you are fully sedated, your  plastic surgeon in Tampa  will begin the augmentation by creating tiny incisions in subtle places where scars can be easily hid, such as under the curve of the breasts, under the armpit, or around the nipple.  Then he will insert the implant and place it either under the pectoral muscle or precisely behind the breast tissue.  After each implant has been properly fitted into place, he will close up the incisions with layered sutures or stitches, and then the surgery will be over.  

The first week will consists of some slight swelling and pain, but will eventually subside.  Full recovery will take up to eight weeks, and afterwards, you are free to enjoy your new breasts and newfound confidence.  For More Information about Plastic surgeons in Tampa  logonto

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