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New Blog Series – Complexion Perfection

Posted Mar 05 2014 10:04pm

This week is going to be a very special one here on the Only Nature Blog. We’ll be hosting a series of daily blog posts devoted to achieving ‘Complexion Perfection’. Whether you want to know how to fake it to get an extra touch of glow with makeup or you want to be able to go bare faced and feel proud in your own skin, we’ve got you covered.

Some people may feel that being concerned about the look of your complexion is vain or shallow. Those people are usually the ones blessed with good skin thanks to genetics! If you’ve ever had a skin condition or witnessed premature ageing on your own face, then you’ll know how much the health of your skin can deeply affect your well being. It makes you feel less confident, it could even make you want to shy away from people or feel as though you must always wear makeup in order to not be judged.

The first thing to know is this – the worst judge of your skin is you. Frankly, nobody else gives it a second thought. So, stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking and hone in on your own feelings. Be realistic and decide what you’d like to achieve with your skin. No product can erase deep wrinkles and give you the skin of a child, but the right regime can knock years off you, correct skin problems and give you a new lease of life.

Before your skin can change, so must your attitude.

Once your head is in the right space, then you can start to work on your complexion. The most important thing to remember when taking care of your skin is to treat is well. Be gentle with it, handle it carefully. If you only had one outfit to wear for the rest of your life, think about how lightly and softly you would handle it. That’s the approach you need with your skin.

Another good tip is this – protect your skin during the day and repair it at night. That means, sun lotions and anti-oxidants during the day, and products designs to nourish and boost cell turnover at night. Don’t worry about that right now though – we’ll get to that later in the week.

Come back tomorrow for our first guide to achieving complexion perfection; staying hydrated and moisturised.

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