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My weekly hair routine {Hair Care}

Posted Nov 27 2011 1:30pm
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I have been trying to take care of my hair since quite long and have been trying to keep a sustaining routine. This is what I do weekly.
  • Since my hair is curly and dry, I wash my hair only twice a week unless I go out somewhere in the dirt and pollution and specially in the day time or afternoon. Generally, I do not go out so my limit of shampooing twice weekly. Remember my article on how often should you shampoo hair?
  • My Weekday's Routine
  • On the weekdays, when I wash my hair, I oil my hair and try to give it a hot oil treatment. At the very least, I try to cover my hair with shower cap and cover with a scarf for extra heating.
  • If not so elaborately, I do heat the oil and then apply it on the scalp and generally massage my scalp for 15-20 minutes while watching something on the television. 
  • Then, I leave the oil overnight and wash my hair next day. 
  • I do try to massage my scalp every night but I am not so very regular with it.
  • And, I give my hair a trim once in every two months. I do it on my own generally to avoid spending so much of money!!! But, twice in a year, I do prefer to go to a salon for a good hair cut. That reminds me of my next hair cut :)
  • Washing and Conditioning
  • I use a dollop of shampoo and mix it with a fist full of water and dilute it.
  • I wet my hair thoroughly with water and then, apply the diluted shampoo to my scalp and massage the scalp for sometime.
  • Then, wash it off an follow with the shampoo second time if I have oiled my hair otherwise once is enough.
  • After washing my hair, I squeeze the extra water from the hair and then, I apply a good amount of conditioner on damp hair and keep it on for 3-5 minutes minimum.
  • After that, I wash my hair thoroughly, obviously, and remove all traces of the conditioner.
  • I generally air-dry my hair. I use the towel to squeeze out all the water from my hair and gently wrap it in the towel for sometime to catch all the dripping water. This is something I do in the winters where as in summers, I leave my hair as it is. 
  • I use a cotton towel instead of a turkey towel as the turkey towel is more fluffy and can cause the hair to dry out more than the cotton towel. And, I use a separate towel for my hair - the cotton ones which are extremely thin. 
  • Anyways, after that I run a drop or two of the hair serum through the damp hair and since my hair is curly, I prefer to detangle my hair when it is 80-90% dry instead of letting it dry completely. The dampness helps the hair to detangle easily as compared to completely dry hair.
  • My Weekend's Routine 
  • I do try to do a weekly deep conditioning treatment as my hair is dry, curly and thin and they get rough and dull very easily so I have to take care of them pretty regularly.  
  • In the summers, I prefer to use home remedies like eggs and curd and such things but in winters, I am using the hair masks. 
  • But, I do not apply the hair masks on the scalp so I use the aloevera gel for my scalp. And, I keep the conditioning treatment for an hour minimum and wash off my hair. 
  • So, this is my weekly hair care routine. Nothing elaborate but it helps keep my hair soft, shiny and manageable and routine hair cuts ensure no splits. 
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