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My tour of the J. Brand showroom leads to skinny jeans success!

Posted Aug 31 2010 5:56pm

Nadine Jolie in J Brand jeans After the Lucky Alpha Shopper/X-Fit Lycra event earlier this month, I’ve had jeans on the brain.  As I mentioned, it’s often difficult for me to find flattering jeans, mainly because of my big ol’ saddlebags and super-pear shaped bod.  I’ve been particularly averse to the “skinny jeans” trend, which I’ve always thought are really only flattering to anorexics, toddlers ( seriously, Gap ?) and Kate Moss.

One of the gals I met at the event, Thuy-Anh Nguyen, works at J. Brand as the Entertainment & Lifestyle Marketing Manager; she kindly offered me an in-person fitting at the J. Brand showroom/warehouse to prove that I could wrestle all this booty into a pair of skinnies. I was skeptical but Thuy-Anh and I have very similar body types, and she was looking super hot and not at all sausage-y in a pair of adorable low-rise skinny cargos called Houlihans , so I decided to take the skinny jeans challenge.

When I went to the J. Brand showroom last week, it was like a jeans paradise–everybody’s beautiful and down-to-earth; the space is open and airy; and there are jeans everywhere. I met the cool CEO Jeff Rudes, who has an office right in the center of the bustle, and he told me he’s a huge fan of bloggers–which is always nice to hear!  Thuy-Anh had set aside several pairs of jeans for me to try on, and we immediately got to down to business.

Look, ma: skinny jeans! In the J Brand 901 Legging

The first pair of jeans I tried on were the skinny cargo Houlihans, which are incredibly soft and adorned with cute pockets and zippers. I’d seen photos in US Weekly of celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kate Bosworth wearing them around Hollywood, but for a boot-cut-devotee to swing to such a trendy (and tight) extreme seemed terrifying. Surprisingly, however, they didn’t look awful on me–I dare say, after strapping on a pair of heels to elongate my legs, I looked kinda sexy! (I wish I had taken a photo of myself in them, but my camera is on the fritz, so I’ll have to wrangle a friend to help with that mission.)

The next two pairs of skinny jeans I tried were the 910 Skinny, a classic skinny jean, and the 901 Legging–which I promptly fell in love with.  They’re tight–no getting around that–but the material is uber-soft and stretchy (it’s a cotton/polyester/lycra blend) and the fit is incredibly comfortable, so they really do feel more like leggings than like jeans. Both photos here show me in the 901 Leggings, which I’ve been pairing with both heels and ballet flats and wearing non-stop.

So, in the end, here’s the deal: my hips don’t lie and my butt could start a milkshake stand with J.Lo and Kim Kardashian. I’m never going to be the skinniest girl in the room, and I’m always going to have unfortunate issues with my upper thighs. But I’m really grateful to Thuy-Anh and J.Brand  for helping me get over my paralyzing fear of wearing anything even remotely tight on my bottom half. No, I don’t have the model-skinny legs of a 12-year-old boy, but I do have a womanly shape…and after all, I am a woman, damn it! (Or, at least, an evolving half-girl/half-woman hybrid.)

Funny enough, I also picked up a pair of classic Boot Cut jeans (the Bailey) while at the J. Brand showroom…and I’ve only worn them once! The cut, fit and style are everything I love about boot cut, and the Baileys have the teeniest bit of extra give in the all-important thigh/butt-area…but now that I’m on a mission to get myself out of my jean comfort-zone, I’ve actually been reaching for the skinnies more frequently.

Skinny jeans!  Who knew? (Oh, wait…everybody knew? Yeah. Figures I’d be slooow to that party.)

Celebs in the J Brand Houlihan skinny cargos

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