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My Hair Diaries - November 2012

Posted Dec 05 2012 1:30pm
My Hair Diary at Perfect Skin Care for youis my hair looking rough or is it the lighting?? I washed it without using conditioner but my hair is damn soft to touch even if its not looking like that!!

Oh my gosh!! I can't really believe the year is coming to an end and yeah, I know I am gonna bore you with the countdown. I don't know why but something is in the air and its exciting and its making me happy even without me knowing what's there!!

Yeah, I am really weird!! So, lets cut the crap and proceed with my hair diary. Honestly, I am very happy with my hair this year and the way I have maintained my journal. I hope it has been of help to you as well.

What did I do in November?
  • No DIY - Honestly, I have not done any DIY on my hair in terms of hair masks and I have mostly used all kinds of products on my hair but these days, its so soft and heavenly to touch. I truly love my hair with all its faults. 
    • DIET - Ok, one thing which has helped my hair is DIET. Very, very important to eat properly. I am not on a weight-loss regime and I haven't started eating healthy. If you remember, I had mentioned that my diet had suffered a lot last year and it showed on my face, my body and my hair as well. Yes, it is very important to eat healthy and breakfast is important. I shall do a post separately on it.
    • Hair Cuts - Another thing is I have had a lot of hair cuts this year. One very important observation I have made is that I have had a lot of split ends this year even with regular hair cuts. The only difference between this year and last year is the homemade hair masks and deep conditioning treatments I had done on my hair. So, I can positively say that JUST oiling and regularly conditioning and using an SLS free shampoo is not gonna help your hair at all. Deep conditioning and homemade hair masks do help. Since, I haven't used any professional salon range products, I can't say if they help or not.
    • I have started to use Jojoba and Grapeseed oil for hair growth but its been just two or three times I have used so obviously can't say!! 
    • I have been very regular this month with oiling and washing regime both in Delhi and Hyderabad. I have been using more or less many products on the hair but it hasn't suffered :) 
    Products Used
    I used Kamini hair oil and mom made oil at Delhi and finished Auravedic one this month and before last wash this month, I used Polynesian Monoi Oil (review coming soon). I am totally loving Kamini shampoo, in fact!!

    My Hair Diary at Perfect Skin Care for youthis time I used the conditioner and leave-in as well and that's my messy side-braid night look :D

    It really keeps my hair soft and prevents dryness. And, not loving the conditioner but finishing it :( I am also starting to use the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Serum from this month.

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