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My Hair Diaries - May 2012

Posted Jun 08 2012 2:33pm
that's without flash in normal tube light at night
Products Used
I have already talked about my hair treatment . And, I have since then received many queries regarding how well did it go and if its worth the expense. To answer that question, I need opinions of people I can rely on and I don't generally discuss such things with anyone else so you guys will have to wait till I go to Delhi next week :) I shall publish the results ASAP.

My Opinions on the Treatment
  • I think I can definitely see some improvement. And, I have not even used the treatment as I was supposed to (oiling and washing hair on alternate days). That's way too much work. But, I shall confirm about the results in detail only after next week.
  • Now, there are some cons which I would better specify in case you decide to go for the treatment. 
  • The oil has something sticky in it. If I keep the oil overnight, my clothes and the pillow get stained badly and they get really sticky which doesn't ever happen with any other oil. My mom said that it might have gond or edible gum resin in it. That makes it impossible for me to keep the oil more than 2-3 hours in my hair. Well, in a sense, its good as well but it, like, takes me around an hour for application of oil according to the instructions I shared here . So, it feels pretty bad to wash off the entire oil within another hour :( But, otherwise, keeping the oil overnight in this heat is not exactly feasible enough either so its fine!!!
  • Btw, I did check up on edible gum resin and found out that it is healthy for hair growth and also adds body to the hair. 
    • The vinegar used in the ginger tonic is probably not that great an idea coz they ask you to apply half a cup of oil and then follow it with ginger tonic but I don't apply that much of oil so the vinegar can dry out the scalp as well. But, again, vinegar is amazing for dandruff so probably not that bad an idea if you strictly don't keep it above half hour. 
    • I like the shampoo and conditioner. They both are chemicals free and the weird thing is that I have a hunch that probably the shampoo has gelatin in it. Because, I dilute my shampoos with water (its become a habit now) and whenever excess of shampoo is left, I leave it in the container only and in some hours, I find that shampoo dries off completely, somewhat like a gel or powdery. It smells nice as well. 
    • The conditioner is amazing. It is not heavy and spreads easily on my hair and doesn't have any smell in particular but I would definitely like to know what it is made up of. I think it does have some hibiscus as it does lather a bit just like hibiscus lathers. But, I am in no way saying that my hunches are correct. 
    • The hair mask is good but since, its made up of grains, its a pain to wash off if it dries off completely. 
    • The only issue I have with the whole product range thing is that they do not have entire hair mask (the above hair mask is only for scalp). Because, it is very important to have a deep conditioning treatment for hair even if one does oil the hair very regularly. That's why, I am thinking of going for Biotique musk root again as it is entirely herbal and suited me perfectly. 
    I shall be continuing this treatment till I am back from Delhi and then, I shall start on the part two of the treatment which I had discussed here. I shall follow the same routine with the normal hair products and see if they give me the same results. I guess I might keep the shampoo same as I don't have any other shampoo in my target (organic surge is pretty expensive otherwise I do have it in my list, lets hope I get it soon). And, instead of the ginger hair tonic, I shall be using my DIY Aloevera Gel I had shared little while back.

    My Hair Texture
    Leaving all the above pros and cons, I would like to say that my hair texture has improved a lot!! As you can see in the pics, my hair is amazingly soft and shiny. But, yes, my hair does get weighed down in a day which is pretty bad. But, I guess, I do use more conditioner. And, I am not even using any leave-in right now since the time I started the treatment and my hair doesn't get dry or rough any time. So, overall, I am happy with the treatment :) But, again, I would reiterate that whether its worth the cost or not, I shall confirm only after next week.

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