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My favorite new hair powders

Posted May 10 2009 10:08pm


I have no doubt it grosses out some people when I tell them I only wash my hair a couple of times a week.  (Hey, if it works for the French…)  Now, let me reassure you: I shower daily!  However, the whole shampooing-conditioning-blowdrying thing is reserved for dirty days when my hair needs a rinse lest it run the risk of being declared a haz-mat site.  Pourquoi do I do this?  (Other than laziness, obvs.)  Heat-styling and coloring take a massive toll on hair, so damaged strands like mine are further strained by the daily wash/dry routine.  In between washes, I rely heavily on hair powders, which sop up oil, refresh a blowout, and give hair a cool Brigitte Bardot textured quality.  (In a pinch, baby powder works, too, although this trick is better for the fair-haired.)


Two amazing new hair powder lines?  Finley Hair Powder and The All Nighter.  Both come in a myriad of colors to suit all hair shades (red!  black! platinum!) and–bonus–both smell freaking fantastic.  Finley’s powders have a flowery honeysuckle scent, whereas The All Nighter’s powders smell like clementines.  Hair powder is an excellent addition to any lazy beauty gal’s arsenal, so I very enthusiastically recommend you check them out!


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