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Meryl Streep Plastic Surgery, Facelift?

Posted Jun 01 2009 10:43pm 4 Comments
Once, During Interview Meryl Streep said that she hasn’t had plastic surgery and doesn’t think other actors should either“, "You’d be amazed how many men in the industry have gone down that road. I don’t get it. I think you have to embrace getting older and celebrate life."

She added, “The good thing about getting older is that when they do cast you it’s often something interesting - you’re no longer asked to be the beautiful leading lady. You’re allowed to do different things. I’ve had some very interesting parts over the past few years in films that examine all the idiosyncrasies people have.”

Meryl Streep Plastic Surgery faceliftMeryl Streep Plastic Sugery, Facelift?

Although there are many rumors on her Anti aging cosmetic surgery, I see no evidence Streep has had plastic surgery and I don’t think she has ever gone under the knife.. She has the same face she has always had. She has sags and wrinkles around the eyes which points she does not use botox. She is also sagging around the jawline which shows she haven't had a facelift.

She has very good bone structure, prominent cheekbones and always had wonderful skin, which helps her ageing gracefully. They are a product of genetics, not surgery. Her secret is She stays out of the sun always wearing a hat, and use sunscreen and exfoliants. Although Not a great fan of high impact, intense cardio workouts, Meryl Streep's low impact exercise of choice is swimming. She might have had treatments like chemical peels.
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hi, having just watched "its complicated" i feel the need to search for 'meryl streep facelift' finding it hard to believe all the' meryl not agreeing with botox, facelift' articles because im 25, non smoking, healthish living and my face moves 100 times more than hers, this lady i think has definately had surgery, this film is unbearable to watch especialy with the over tight skin. Someone please confirm my beliefs, healthy lifestyle does not equate to iron board face???? surely?

To nicpease,

I just watched the movie last night and I disagree. Her face looks completely natural. I was delighted to see a romantic comedy that explores romance with a leading lady who has "gasp" a sagging jaw line and crepey neck skin as well as facial wrinles. Could it be that Hollywood can akknowlege that physically flawed, aging women can still be sexy and alluring? Bravo! Finally a more European attitude, Catherine Deneuve would be thrilled!

Oh right, do you not think for her age her face is too perfect? i would love it if she hadn't i am against surgery, especially as hollywood stars seem to forget there necklines which i believe is always the give away.
If you watch the movie again pay closer attention to her face, especially tword the end of the movie. You can see her age quite well. She has aged well but that is a testiment to taking care of herself and leading a more wholesome lifeystyle compared to most hollywood folk. Plus she has fantastic bone structure which is half the battle. The women in my family all age extremly well. My 52 year old sister has the skin of a 30 year old. We all try to moisturize etc. from the hair line down to the decotage but damn if we don't all get the crepey neck skin anyway ... it sucks. Use lotsa suncreen young missy and take care of yourself so you too can look as fresh and lovely as miss Streep when you're 60!
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