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Makeup Is Important For Big Events

Posted Jun 01 2011 5:02pm
Whenever I meet with a bride or client for a special event, I always get into a discussion with them as to what they will be wearing to their wedding or big party- and they're the ones that usually bring it up.  I like to do makeup that looks best with your skin tone and eye color-not your blue evening gown.  Rarely do I match makeup to someone's clothing so it usually doesn't matter to me what you're wearing, but I know people like to talk about it:-)

Don't get me wrong, I like clothes just as much as the next girl.  But what bugs me is when people go spending a fortune on their wedding gown or Manolos for a party/red carpet event, but don't consider getting their hair and makeup done by a professional (when they aren't capable themselves of course!).   In my opinion, you've just wasted your money on those $$ clothes, because that messy or bare face is going to be distracting and people aren't going to care what you're wearing!!

Prime example:  Tilda Swinton at Met Gala in Prada.

Do you even care that she's wearing expensive Prada when her make up and hair are sooo wrong? NO.  I know she has a lot to work with that creamy fair skin, delicate bone structure, and bright green eyes...

...SO get a makeup artist that knows what they're doing or at least make an effort to add on some mascara and blush so you look somewhat alive and happy.  No one on the red carpet is too cool to go sans makeup, I mean come on, put your best face forward and act like you care.

Here are 2 other examples of naturally beautiful celebs who didn't get the best makeup job done and it went horribly wrong:

Catherine Zeta Jones.  A bronzing disaster- way too much in center of the face!! She obviously doesn't do the JennySue Makeup bronzer halo trick around the "perimeter" of the face!

Eva Longoria.  Washed out without enough cheek color and lip color.   I also wouldn't have taken that frosty eyeshadow all the way to the brow bone.

Most of the time when you know you are going to be photographed at an event you should put some thought into your face bc it is going to be the thing most people are immediately attracted to.  And as important as I know it is to be wearing the right attire when attending a soiree or your wedding, the makeup you wear is JUST as IMPORTANT as the clothes on your back.

I couldn't resist one more example of bad makeup.  This is what happens when the makeup artist matched the makeup to the attire - poor pretty Christina Aguilera...bad idea jeans...

So who agrees with me on this subject?! When you know you're attending a big event, do you put as much thought into your face as you do your attire?

Now let me switch gears and say that your makeup is NOT as important when attending a neighborhood cookout.  Obviously, no red carpet here, just some green grass and grills.  I was good to get by wearing a ponytail and tube top to keep from melting in the heat during a recent cookout!!

I just had to share this cutesie little video my husband made on his new iPad of our kids along with some of our greatest friends and their children.  He put a few clips of the kids together to one of my favorite current songs, "Uncharted" by Sarah Bareilles.  If you listen closely to the words in the song, he so cleverly put it to appropriate clips of the kids and their actions.

I think he should switch to Hollywood film editing;-)

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