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Makeup Inspired By Disney's 'Frozen'

Posted Jan 09 2014 7:07am
No, I'm not talking about some new fancy makeup line that you keep in your freezer.  I'm going to show you how I recreated the oldest sister, Princess Elsa's makeup look from the newest Disney movie 'Frozen.'  Yes, I was inspired by a fictional female cartoon's makeup.
{Elsa left and me!}
*Insider Tip - for cartoon-like skin in this above photo - I used the Visage Lab app for effect.*

If you haven't seen the Disney movie Frozen, then you NEED to.  It kind of bucks the whole traditional fairytale movie ending, just sayin' without giving everything away.  The music is wonderful, the animation is beautiful, and you will fall in love with the hilarious and heartwarming characters.  My whole family saw this movie - which means all 3 males, including my husband.  And yes, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  Okay, enough gushing about the movie, onto the makeup! 

I love purple eye makeup.  And when I was watching this movie, I fell in love with the oldest sister, Princess Elsa, and her purple and pink eye makeup.  I had to try this look out for myself to see if it worked on a real person.  (Jump ahead, after finishing this look and being proud of how it turned out, I showed it to my kids thinking they'd be excited since we just saw the movie. My middle son looked at the side by side pic of Princess Elsa and me, and said, "But you need to make your hair white and your eyes blue to look like her!?!") Yes I know son.  Just use your imagination! Ha!

I finished off the eye makeup with : * black liquid liner on top and on bottom,  * plus lots and lots of black mascara,  * and a white eyeliner on the bottom inner waterline (to give me those bigger cartoon white eyes).

To achieve the rest of this look, I used a foundation 2 shades lighter than my natural color to try and get the palest skin possible without overdoing it, then a very pink blush on my cheeks (and don't forget to add it to the tip of your nose too like the cartoon character has! remember, she's got magical freezing powers), and then my raspberry stained lip look.

Actual products used: * Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in "shell" * Sonia Kashuk "flamingo" blush *YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in #4. (previous blog post on this formula here )
Both sisters had faint freckles on their faces too, which I forgot to add when doing this look.  But have no fear, I have a previous post I did on how to fake your own freckles! 

Have you seen Frozen yet?  What did you think? 

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