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Make-up for dark-shade skin

Posted Nov 13 2010 3:53am

Some professional make-up artists may recommend for creole women to wear blue shade lip-gloss on their lips. This can sound really awkward right? The fact is that…it works really nice, find out more about the proper make-up for complexion darker shades.

This is one reason for which I envy women with medium-dark skin: not only they are really special, but almost any strange combination of make-up looks great on them. The problem occurs when you want to mix perfectly the skin tone with eyes color, shades of your clothes and lipstick color…that’s a tough job!

dark-hade-skin-woman-with-sexy-eye-make-up-in-metalic-shades Everything starts from the foundation: it needs to be chosen with a lighter shade than your skin color and should be applied on the neck and cleavage (a too light shade would create the impression “mask”). Blushes colors tend toward copper color, dark red or light violet, and fro creating luminosity effect, liquid blush is recommended. For eye make-up, the day make-up colors palette includes metal (bronze, silver, gold and/or orange) and excludes the pastel colors (if you want a little blue or green around your eyes, you can only use these colors as eyeliner).
For the evening you can choose the smokey eyes by using shades of purple, lilac, gray and even black. . beyonce-medium-brown-skin-tips-for-make-up The final touch is determined by a gloss in shades of gold or silver and, as mentioned at above, a touch of blue
Ideally, for women with olive complexion, they should  seek the help of a stylist with whom to identify all the secrets of a perfect make-up for their skin. But meanwhile I hope that our suggestions suit your needs. Remember that no matter what make-up you decide to wear you are envied by all the women who have to wait for summer to get your golden skin tone!

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