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MAC GreasePaint Stick and MAC SlimShine Lipstick

Posted Jan 10 2011 1:00pm
End of last year (2010), I went to the outlet and checked out the CCO (Cosmetics Company Outlet). I bought two things from MAC that I was pretty excited about... hehe~ The first thing I'm going to talk about is MAC GreasePaint Stick. The particular color isn't sold at MAC stores or counter, but I think it's worth reviewing since they still sell GreasePaint Sticks... hehe~
Product Review: MAC GreasePaint Stick in Below Ground

Where can you purchase this: If you're lucky with this particular color, at the CCO but they still sell GreasePaint Sticks at the MAC stores and counters.
Price: $17.50 for 0.03 oz/1.0 g (at the CCO, $12.25)

Made in Canada

Description on the website: A smooth and creamy crayon with an opalescent sparkle finish specially formulated for maximum drama. Easily provides ultra-high-level coverage. Versatile. Use as a soft but intense liner or blend out to create a smoke-like shadow. Long-wearing. Transfer and water-resistant.
My thoughts: When I first saw this at the CCO, I was pretty excited... hehe~ I heard good things about GreasePaint on YouTube and it's the perfect color for me (in the brown family)... hehe~
The left I just line the GreasePaint and the right I smudge it so you can see the difference. It's a gorgeous bronze color with gold specks.
As soon as I swatch the color, I rubbed it to see the staying power. In this picture, it's not promising but let me tell you I rubbed it way too quickly! :X You need to let it stay for couple of seconds before rubbing it. OMG the staying power on the GreasePaint is amazing! Even with the makeup remover, you have to rub to get rid of the color!!! :X

Now I know the staying power is amazing, I had to figure how it is on my eyes. Let me tell you I have my pros and cons on this... hehe~ The first time I used the stick all over my eyes and blended it with my fingers. It wouldn't budge in certain areas because it already dried *sigh*. The next time I had to use the stick a little at a time and blend it with my fingers quickly. I realized that's the best method for me. Don't even try with a brush because I doubt the color will blend... hehe~ :X
Here's how the color looks on my eyes after it's blended. I know it's not gorgeous... hehe~ :P
After I lighten the crease area, darken the outer v, lines my eyes, etc, here's my result. I actually thought it was pretty decent... hehe~
Here's another angle of the GreasePaint on my eyes.

I was curious how the GreasePaint would look as a base. I decided to use the typical color a lot of people have, MAC eyeshadow in Satin Taupe.
The left is Satin Taupe alone and the right is on top of GreasePaint Stick. When you use the GreasePaint, the color is more metallic and pigmented.
Here's how Satin Taupe looks on top of GreasePaint.
Here's another angle of Satin Taupe on top of GreasePaint. It makes the makeup look more darker and smokier.

* Comes in a stick making it more sanitary than a pot.
* Gorgeous color; bronze with specks of gold.
* Versatile; you can use alone as an eyeshadow or use as a base.
* Need to blend with your finger; I prefer this method with any base. :X
* Does not crease.
* Lasting color.

* Need to blend with your finger.
* You cannot blend with a brush.
* Extremely quick drying; you need to blend QUICKLY!
* When you remove the makeup, you will rub to get the color out.

Would I repurchase: Yes and no. Yes, if they have other colors I like. No, because it can be hard to work with.
Rating:  3.5/5 Tobey's Paws

The other thing I bought was MAC SlimShine Lipstick in Bare.
I don't see a point of reviewing this since MAC decided to discontinue their SlimShine Lipsticks, and I have no clue why. They're such great products!... hehe~ The other one I own is in Kissable.
Here's my swatch of the two SlimShine Lipsticks. The left one is Bare and the right one is Kissable. I love how shiny they are!... wheee~ :)
I usually don't post a picture of the lip products on my lips, because I could never get the true color on camera. All the lip products and including my natural lips look the same. :/ I decided to change the background and that seemed to have help... hehe~ Here's how Bare looks on me.
Here's how Kissable looks on me.
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