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Lupus and Botox for Vertical Lip Lines

Posted Jun 06 2009 12:04am

Might take you a week to answer..LOL
here goes:
1.My father had Lupus, found out at his death bed. autoimmune disease, I could possibly inherit it. So I know Collagen is out!
2. Im RH Neg blood, Does this matter?
3.Im allergic to Pennicillin terribly..
4.When I had my wisdom teeth removed back 20 yrs ago, I developed 1 cysts on outside lower cheek area (both Cheeks).
5.I just developed 2 corneal ulcers in my left eye, one in 2007 and another smaller one in 2008...I was using AMO contact cleaner..not sure if thats what caused the ulcers though....
Would any of these be of concern if I want to address my vertical lip lines? with??? You tell me what would be best..
Thank you

i would try botox first for the vertical lip lines
blood type doesn't matter.
lupus isn't a problem for botox
penicillin allergy, corneal ulcers or the cyst you're talking about are not a problem.
botox should last a good 3 months and the effects should be subtle and natural.
hope that helps
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