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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon - Boost your Self-esteem with Breast Augmentation Los Angeles

Posted Mar 14 2012 6:53am



Women are always looking for ways to enhance their appearance.  There are many ways to improve your looks, one of the most common ways to achieve this is by using Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon Breast Augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures done across the United States.  Statistics are showing that the number of plastic surgeries performed each year has increased showing that it is gaining more and more social approval.

Appearance plays a major role in the way that a person carries themselves.  There is a wide variety of reasons women decide to have breast implants such as to enhance beauty, correct asymmetry, and dissatisfaction with size and for of breasts. Breast Implants are highly common for victims of breast cancer that have undergone mastectomy.  At the end of the day it comes down to women wanting to look good and feel good.  This, however can mean a variety of things such as balancing body shape or regaining volume after weight loss, “filling” clothing, or just feeling more attractive.  Often times with weight fluctuation and breast feeding, women lose volume in their breasts.


With the help of a Breast Augmentation Los Angeles, women can gain the self-esteem that they need to be happy with their body.  In recent years, a rising number young women have been recorded to get breast augmentation. About 80% of these patients typically ask for a C cup.  Ultimately the chosen size is recommended by the surgeon according to their experience and the patient’s body type. That’s why it is important to look at the before and after pictures since you will most likely get the same results as other people with your body type.


There are two commonly used breast implants: saline and silicone based implants.  The silicone filled implants are known as being safer since they are less prone to rupture.  Both silicone and saline implants will need to be replaced over a period of time.  An incision is either made under the breast crease, under the arm, or through the nipple so that the implant can be placed over the muscle.  Breast augmentation can take up to three hours or even longer if a breast lift is used in addition to a breast augmentation. Just like any other surgery, breast augmentation has risks and complications associated with it such as bruising, thrombosis, and increased sensitivity to sensation.

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