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Looking For The Best Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream?

Posted Apr 20 2009 2:20pm

Finding the right anti-aging wrinkle product can be a challenge.  You can ask family, friends and co-workers, what they use, and what kind of results they get from a particular skin cream.  But the kind of results they receive, may not be the right ones, and may not work for you.  And if they find what they consider to be a secret remedy, they may just want to keep it for themselves.
You can use the trial and error method of buying one bottle of wrinkle cream at a time, and use it for a prolonged period of time.  Then wait to see what kind of results that cream gives you.  This way of finding the right wrinkle cream can take a lot of time, and cost a lot of money.  The other problem is that one single cream may not be enough to effectively treat wrinkles. 
Many of the best anti-wrinkle, anti-aging products come in system.   A system that usually provides some sort of eye serum, a moisturizer, and some kind of lifting serum.  These products are designed to work together for maximum results.  And because they are made by the same manufacturer, they are formulated to work together. 
The best place to find anti-aging, and wrinkle free systems is on the internet.  Wrinkle cream review sites are a great source to learn about what makes each product and system unique.  They compare different wrinkle creams and the advantages and disadvantages of each system.  It is important to find a review site that allows reviews done by real consumers.  Consumer stories and feedback can save you lots of time and money, by sharing their experiences so you don’t make the same mistake.  The best wrinkle cream review sites rank skin care creams based on their effectiveness, as well as votes from knowledgeable consumers.  These sites write reviews of several different wrinkle creams, based on scientific studies, as well as consumer reviews.  They also provide user feedback, so you can read how each person felt about the product.  Some review sites even provide their own results from the testing of various products.  
Many review sites discuss important ingredients that provide the best results for your skin.  When it comes to effective ingredients in wrinkle creams, be sure to look for wrinkle creams that contain one or more of the following antioxidants… vitamin A, vitamin E, and glutathione.  These antioxidants slow down and help block the process of oxidation.   Oxidation is the breakdown of normal, healthy skin cells, which leads to the breakdown in elastin and the deterioration of collagen.  The main cause of wrinkles and fine lines is the breakdown of collagen and the depletion of elastin.
Other ingredients to be aware of are precious minerals that work in sync with, and aide antioxidants to stop free radicals.  Minerals such as gold and copper help fight oxidation, due to their antioxidant properties.  
Wrinkle cream review sites often discuss different types of ingredients, and their use in products, in more detail.  Be sure to look for rankings of skin creams based on their ingredients.  Surveys of ingredients done by consumers is also helpful.  You can see how many people used the product, how they felt about the product, and what kind of results they achieved.  This way you save yourself a lot of time and money! 

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