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Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser {Product Review}

Posted May 23 2011 2:30pm
I have been absent for quite a lot of days so no new updates. The reason was a week long vacation. So, I am back with my first review which was quite a saver for me when I was so tired with all the jumping and jacking in the morning.

Price: 12.75 POUNDS for 100 ml (I got a 30ml sample size)

IngredientsClaims to be completely natural. Since mine is a smaller sample size, the list of ingredients is not provided. The active ingredients are listed as below.
My ExperienceOk, so first, I had thought it to be a simple foaming cleanser so when I used it for the first time, I got a little  confused as to why it wasn't foaming. I hadn't read the instructions. And, also, I had left the muslin cloths back home so was without them during my vacation. I do not apply makeup but I did use sunscreen pretty generously so had to remove all that gunk from my face before sleeping. Thats where this cleanser became my best friend. It is pretty simple and hassle-free to use. Massage with this cleanser and wipe off with the muslin cloth provided along with it. Since I did not have the muslin cloth, I used hand towels and tissue papers and cotton pads and everything else. Two things I would specify is that I found it to be more effective and easy to use when the face is wet as opposed to the instructions which say to massage on the dry face and this cleanser should always be removed with a hot wash cloth as instructed. Cold wash cloth leaves a lot of grime behind. Once you follow these instructions properly, your face is squeaky clean and you wouldn't even need to follow it with a face wash. 
Its creamy in texture and white in color. For me the smell is nothing particular and I am used to eucalyptus oil so I quite like it. Its creamy texture might make people with oily skin skeptical to use it. But, I think it should suit them too coz its not very heavy I have combination and it controlled my T-Zone perfectly. It did make my skin dry at a temperature of 10-20 degrees in the hills but it works fabulously without drying the skin in the plains. So, thats again not an issue, though, you should follow up with a moisturizer (I skip that in summers which is a very bad habit!!). Extremely travel-friendly (even the muslin cloths). The only problem is keeping the muslin cloths clean and bacteria-free. Otherwise, I found it to be an amazing product.
My RecommendationYes. But, it is a little heavy (ohk, not little but very heavy) on the pocket so that might be a deal breaker.
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