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Lips makeup – tips for perfect lips

Posted Feb 22 2010 3:00am

The mouth is considered the “face flower “, so we will need to pay attention, especially if the lips have some imperfections. I shall present below some important make-up tips that will emphasize the beauty of our lips.

Lip contour will be achieved using a special pen, and you will start using it from the middle of the upper lip. To give an appearance of “smiling” mouth, we trace the outline of the upper lip to softer once we get to its corners, and, on the other hand, the lower lip contour will be more visible. To draw a perfect line is good to sit with your elbows on the table and keep the pencil as close to its top as we can.

Corrector makeup for harmonious lips:

lipstick-makeup-correction The mouth is considered to be ideal when the imaginary line that drops from each pupil falls perpendicularly on each end corner. If the mouth is larger the corners end beyond these lines, and vice versa. Upper lip thickness must be equal with that of the lower median line and the highest points of the upper lip should be placed right under our nostrils. Distance between nose and upper lip should be half the distance between the lower lip and chin.

Correction makeup for lips will be done within certain limits so as not to create artificial sensation. We choose lipstick color according to the blush we wear, nail polish and the clothes we wear. To correct lip contour we use a pencil darker than the used lipstick. It’s generally better to start shaping the upper lip from the median to corner, and the lower lip in the exact opposite way.

Small tricks for retouching lips imperfection:

  • If you have too flashy lips, I recommend using a natural color lipstick and apply it in thin layers. The outline will be drawn inside the natural contour of the lips mouth decreasing more than 1 to 2 mm and not reaching the lips corners.
  • Thin and long lips, need a shape that slightly exceeds the natural contour of the lips without stressing the  “V”. Your upper lip and upper lip contour will reach up to the corners. In this situation, lipstick is recommended to have vivid colors to highlight your lips! Apply a coat of lipstick, powder your lips and then use the lipstick them again.
  • If your lips have “fallen” corners, the outline the upper lip will be drawn so that the corner has an upward line and the lower lip contour will reach up to the corner.
  • lipstick-colors If you have too small mouth, contour has exceed 1-2 mm the natural lip corners and lipstick will be especially chosen in vivid colors and will be applied in a bit thicker layer.
  • If you have a big mouth, with full lips, the outline will be drawn inside the lips stopping by 2 mm before the natural contour, and lipstick will be elected in bright colors.

Here is a video tutorial from which you can inspire when using lips makeup!

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