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LAB Series Skin Care For Men Helps Writer-Journalist Feel Hydrated Again

Posted Aug 02 2008 10:07am

Guest post today from my friendN.L. Belardes, someone who inspires me with all of the writing he has done. He had asked me for advice on a good moisturizer for men andLAB Series Skin Carecame his way…

I’m an obsessed face washer with greasy skin. Poor diet probably. Though I don’t think I eat as poorly as my parents did. At least I eat veggies. Either way, I’m sure my oily facial skin is a byproduct of what I eat.

As a guy I still always feel the need to put lotion on my face after I shower. A friend of mine recently told me that a European man she was hosting hadn’t taken a bath in days. She told him it was culturally the norm to bathe everyday. He said it was bad for the skin and her response?“That’s why we use lotion.”

My post-shower face lotion routine ended months ago, but started up again recently. Being on TV for an ABC affiliate, I refused to wear makeup, so I got into the routine of washing my face 4-5 times a day so it wouldn’t look greasy and shiny on camera. In retrospect, sure, I shouldn’t have been so stubborn, but that’s just me. A good lotion for my face would have made me feel better though. I needed a lotion that would balance my combination skin effectively.

I didn’t have the right product at home. I wanted something not so cologne smelling or perfume-like; those just make me sneeze during the day. LAB Series Skin Care for Men’sDaily Moisture Defense Lotionsoon arrived at my door and I’ve been happy with it for weeks. It caters to my oily skin, its need for hydration after a shower and doesn’t leave me smelling like some yachtster’s grandpa at the country club. Check it out

Many thanks toN.L.for contributing his review to A Girl’s Gotta Spa. You can find him around the blogosphere at:

The Nervous Breakdown


Paperback Writer

Twittering a novel “Small Places

Or pick up his amazing novel,Lords Part One.

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